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Who Are Robert Deal Alley And Lillian Mickie? Kirstie Alley Parents- Are They Still Alive?

Fans are curious to know whether Kirstie Alley’s parents are still alive.

Actress Kirstie Alley became well-known for her role in the popular 1980s television series Cheers, where she shared the screen with Woody Harrelson from Solo and Kelley Grammar from Frasier. 

Since then, Alley has starred in several films, most notably the “Look Who’s Talking” film series, which received a contemporary reboot with a diverse cast. Her role on the sitcom Mom also brought her newfound success.

Alley made a 1979 appearance as a contestant on the game show Match Game and triumphed in both rounds, taking home $500 in the first and $5500 in the second. 

In 1980, she also appeared on the game show Password Plus. She identified herself as an interior designer on both fronts.

Kirstie Alley Parents: Who Are Robert Deal Alley And Lillian Mickie?

Kirstie Alley was born to her parents, Robert Deal Alley and Lillian Mickie. Her Father, Robert, owned a lumber Company and her mother was a housewife. 

Colette and Craig were her two siblings.

She earned her high school diploma from Wichita Southeast in 1969. That same year, Kirstie Alley continued her education at Kansas State University.

She relocated to Los Angeles to practice Scientology and joined the Scientology Church. She fell victim to a Party lifestyle in California and developed a drug addiction. She had to go through a drug rehab program connected to Scientology to get over her addiction.

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Her mother was killed in a car accident that involved a drunk driver in 1981, and her Father was seriously hurt.

Are Kirstie Alley Parents Still Alive?

The mother of Kirstie Alley, Lillian Maxine, also known as “Mickie” to her loved ones, was reportedly killed in a drunk driving accident, according to CNN. Robert, Kirstie’s dad, was seriously hurt in the collision, but he eventually made a full recovery.

Although New York and New Jersey passed their first drunk driving laws in the early 20th century, according to Russman Law, drunk driving was still regarded as a “folk crime” by the 1960s, much like hazing was until recently.

However, the laws were much laxer than they were now when Kirstie Alley’s mother was killed because it wasn’t until the late 1980s that they started to become strict.

According to Radar, Kirstie Alley quickly acquired a “bully” reputation in Hollywood as a result of the passing of her mother. She claimed she didn’t begin to accept her mother’s death until much later, after dealing with her problems.

Kirstie Alley tweeted regarding her mother’s death (Source: Twitter)

The person who killed Kirstie Alley’s mother wanted to speak with the Actress.

Kirstie Alley has previously stated that she is not interested in meeting the person who murdered her mother. She once used Twitter to criticize drunk drivers.

Kirstie Alley Death Reason: What Happened To Her?

Kirstie Alley, who portrayed Rebecca Howe on the sitcom Cheers and starred in several other comedies, passed away at 71.

Kirstie Alley died at the age of 71 (Source: Twitter)

Parker lost her battle with Cancer after it was “only recently discovered,” according to her children True and Lillie Parker, who remembered their mother as “incredible, fierce, and loving.” There were no additional details available right away.

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Their children claimed she fought bravely while surrounded by her nearest relatives, giving them confidence in her unwavering joy of life and whatever adventures lay ahead. They added that she was an even better mother and grandmother off-screen than she was on it.



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