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Kouri Richins Children: Carter, Ashton And Weston Richins, Family

Kouri Richins children have recently gained attention on the internet from netizens as Kouri is said to have poisoned her spouse, which has raised a lot of speculation.

Kouri Richins is a renowned writer and real estate agent from Utah who was born on April 20, 1990. She also wrote the book Are You With Me?

A children’s book called Are You With Me? explores topics including loss, death, and sadness. In the short story, a little child laments the passing of their father.

The author clarified that her inspiration for the novel came from the passing of her spouse, Eric Richins.

American novelist and realtor Kouri Richins rose to fame after being accused of killing her husband, Eric Richins, in March 2022 by poisoning him with a deadly amount of fentanyl.

Prosecutors contend that she killed her husband for money and then authored the book to hide her crime.

Readers’ reactions to her book have been conflicted; although some have commended it for its consoling message, others have attacked it for being insensitive and dishonest.

Kouri Richins Children: Carter, Ashton And Weston Richins

Kouri Richins is blessed with three children with her late husband. Kouri and her spouse, Eric Richins, were the parents of Carter, Ashton, and Weston Richins.

Many are looking up Kouri Richins children on the web after news about her arrest broke out on social media.

Sadly, there is not much information known at present regarding Kouri Richins kids. As per a source, Kouri Richins children are all known to be boys, and none of them are older than ten years old.

The author’s book “Are You With Me?” aimed to bring comfort and calm to children who had lost a loved one. It was written a year after the author’s spouse passed away.

Kouri Richins Children
Family photo of Kouri Richins with her husband and children. (Source: MyNBC5 )

According to a statement, Richins’ book would comfort kids that even if a loved one is not present, their presence always exists, and they could walk through life with their little ones as if they were there.

The book was dedicated by Kouri to her amazing husband and a wonderful father. However, it was taken off the Amazon platform after the recent allegations.

Kouri Richins children are aged ten, nine, and six years old. The writer also mentioned that she authored this book with her kids about the various emotions and mourning stages that they have gone through in the past year.

Many are wondering what will happen to Kouri Richins sons after she is charged with the murder of her husband.

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Kouri Richins Family Details

Kouri Richins exchanged marital vows with her late husband, Eric Richins. They were together for more than a decade.

Kouri and Eric lived together in the same home in Kamas, a sleepy mountain community close to Park City, Utah.

Contractor Eric Richins had his own company, Richins Construction. The contractor was just 39 years old when he passed away unexpectedly.

Kouri is now accused of poisoning his drink with the potent narcotic fentanyl to kill him.

Ms. Richins was detained on Monday for the homicide in March 2022. According to the Associated Press, she is suspected of poisoning her husband with fentanyl at their house in Kamas, Utah.

Kouri Richins husband
Kouri Richins published a book on grief one year after the death of her husband. (Source: BBC)

According to the prosecution, the writer called the police late one night in March of last year to report that her husband was “cold to the touch.”

Before Richins departed to assist one of their three children to go to sleep in their bedroom, Ms. Richins allegedly poured her husband a vodka-based mixed drink to allegedly celebrate the recent sale of a property, according to the police report.

The accusations came two months after the author made an appearance on local television to discuss her picture book, Are You with Me? which she wrote to support kids who had lost a loved one.

Additionally, according to the warrants, Kouri had plans to divorce his wife, but the process had not yet begun when he passed away.

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