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Kwadaso Nursing Training Video and SDA Tape: What Happened?

Kwadaso Nursing Training Video has gone viral on social media, and if you want to know about the scandal, read this article till the end.

In the present context, daily new videos and images are circulating on social media related to someone’s private life. People using social media find it pretty challenging to maintain their privacy.

In the past, there have been records of some social media stars and even actors being the victim of online leak that shows them getting involved in intimate moments.

Meanwhile, some of the videos are fake, but some of them are real, which dragged those people into the controversy. Lately, another video of Kwadaso SDA Nursing and Midwifery Training College students has been circulating on social media.

So, collecting every piece of information from the web, the details regarding the scandal have been elaborated on in this article.

Kwadaso Nursing Training Video and SDA Tape Goes Viral

Kwadsao Nursing training video and SDA tape have been searched heavily on the internet as the students were seen having an intimate moment. The video was captured from a mobile which was later shared on social media groups.

Gradually, it began circulating everywhere, and the news is currently trending. In this viral incident, three people have been linked, but their names have not been shared yet.

Kwadaso Nursing Training Video
The Kwadaso Nursing Training video has dragged a huge amount of public attention, and people are searching for the tape. ( Source: Twitter )

Following the leak, Twitter handles have published news, and most of them have shared fake links. All of this unauthorized news was created just to get likes and views on their post.

Not to mention, the actual video can’t be found on Twitter and other platforms due to community guidelines. Despite that, some users have posted them, which may get deleted later.

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Kwadaso Nursing Training Video Scandal: What Happened?

Kwadaso Nursing training video is a new scandal of three first-year students. Reportedly, they have been handed a one-year suspension due to their involvement in the incident.

Reportedly, the video was captured off-campus, and two students were involved in the intimate moment. Later, a third person released the clip.

Kwadaso Nursing Training Video Scandal
Kwadaso Nursing Training video goes viral on Twitter as two students were involved in the intimate moment. ( Source: Twitter )

The lady’s phone was given to repair, but the person who had the phone blackmailed the girl by demanding Ghc5,000. When she failed to give the money, the blackmailer released the video.

The blackmailer copied the video from the phone, and when he didn’t get the money, he shared the video on Wednesday, June 23, 2023, which has now gone viral.

Kwadaso Nursing Training Video Update

The news of Kwadaso nursing training video is all over the internet, and the three students have been slapped with a one-year suspension. The management of Kwadaso SDA Nursing and Midwifery Training College in the Ashanti Region took action.

It has been said that the person who released the video will face further disciplinary action upon their return to the college. With that news, many have praised the management.

Kwadaso Nursing Training Video Update
Three people involved in the viral scandal have been suspended for one year and the third person receives more punishment. ( Source: Twitter )

On the other side, the video is still circulating on various social media platforms, including Twitter, but some have requested everyone not to share it as it may defame the reputation of the college. 

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