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Kyle Kuzma Religion: God Faith And Belief- Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

American professional basketball player Kyle Kuzma, who plays for the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association (NBA), is a devout Christian who practices his religion to the fullest.

NBA chose Kuzma with the 27th overall choice in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft, and in 2018, while playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie First Team.

The basketball player won an NBA championship with the Lakers in 2020 before joining the Wizards in 2021.

Kyle Kuzma Religion: God Faith And Belief

Kyle is a devout Christian who practices his religion fervently. The significance of various tattoos on Kuzmas’ body reveals the extent of his commitment to God.

He has a tattoo of an eye with a sword below it on the inside of his left forearm. The eye also emits light in the form of rays.

Just below the eye tattoo, there is a bible text. The passage, “He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whosoever trusteth in the Lord, blessed is he,” is tattooed beneath the words “PROVERBS 16:20.”

Kyle Kuzma Religion
Kyle Kuzmas’ Bible Scripture Tattoo on his left forearm
Source: Tattoo Me Now

The verse, the eye, and the sword allude to his religious beliefs. 

Kuzma has a tattoo of Jesus Christ’s face on the left side of his stomach. He has a tattoo of Matthew 7:13, which says, “Enter via the small gate,” on the right side of his torso.

Because it is open to many and leads to devastation, the gate is comprehensive, and the path is broad. These tattoos also show Kyle’s religious beliefs because he is a devoted man.

He has a tattoo of a chained-wrapped heart with flames emerging from its top inside his left wrist. This tattoo is another of Kyle’s religious tattoos.

The heart is a tattoo of the holy heart of Jesus, representing “God’s infinite and passionate love for mankind.”

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Kyle Kuzma Family Ethnicity

Kyle Alexander Kuzma was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, on July 24, 1995, to his Mother, Karri Kuzma, and Father (name unknown).

Since his white mother had a heritage in Ukraine, England, and Germany, and his birth Father is of African American descent, Kuzma is biracial. However, he has American nationality.

Karri won the shot put in high school and went to college on a track scholarship. His siblings include Andre, his younger half-brother, and Briana, his younger half-sister.

Kyle Kuzma Parents
Kyle Kuzma (center, rear) and his family at one of his Utah Utes men’s basketball games in college. (Source: Andscape)

Kuzma only once met his Father when he was a baby, but he looked up to Larry Smith, the Father of his half-siblings, as a Father figure.

Karri Kuzma and Smith gave Kyle a plastic basketball rim when he was two years old, which sparked his love for the game.

Kyle Kuzma on his mother: “She instilled in me the value of hard work and sacrifice.”

Kuzma spent nine moves around the Flint area over 16 years without meeting his biological Father.

Despite not having the most refined upbringing, the Wizard’s wing picked up many invaluable principles from watching his mother work many jobs.

In 2017, the player told the Detroit Free Press, “We did hop from place to place, and there was not much stability, but what we went through did build character in me.”

He added, “My mom worked two jobs, drove us everywhere we needed to go, and did many other things for us. She instilled the value of perseverance and sacrifice.”

Kyle surprised his mother with a once-in-a-lifetime gift using his $3 million fortune.

 Kyle Kuzma
The NBL player mother thanked his son Kyle Kuzma for buying her a brand new home
Source: Quinton Mayo

Karri Kuzma wrote on social media, “From the bottom of my heart, I thank you @kuz for all you do for me; I want the world to know you are a wonderful son, Thank you for this!”

Being close to his mother, the player made a lovely gesture in doing this. Karri raised her son alone, which explains why they share a steady relationship.

His mother has always been Kuzma’s biggest supporter and assisted in his NBA ascent. After all, she has done for him, Kyle buying her a house must have felt particularly remarkable.

Kyle Kuzma Net Worth Contracts And Charity

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kuzma is worth $3 million. His primary source of income comes from his work as an NBL player.

He agreed to a three-year rookie extension contract with the Lakers. His contract is for $39 million, distributed equally over three years, according to Spotrac.

In 2024, the NBL player will be a 29-year-old unrestricted free agent. Puma and Kuzma agreed on a five-year footwear contract. He also supports the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) app.

Kyle provided 300 backpacks and school supplies at a free basketball camp in August 2018. In 2019, he assisted in the construction of a new basketball court in Berston.

LA Laker Kyle Kuzma with each group of campers at Powers Catholic High School on Thursday, July 25, 2019. This was the second time Kuzma hosted the free basketball camp for kids in the Flint area.  Source: MLive

LeBron James, now a former teammate and Kuzma’s idol, is known for setting an example through his charitable work on and off the court.



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