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Kyo Kaneko Illness And Health 2023: What Happened To Vtuber?

Get updates on Kyo Kaneko illness and health details in 2023, as he has been addressing some in his streams. What happened to the Vtuber?

Kyo Kaneko is one of the world’s most popular and charismatic Vtubers. He is part of NIJISANJI EN’s sixth wave, “ILUNA,” a group of talented and diverse streamers who debuted in July 2022.

Kyo is known for his energetic and chaotic personality, quick wit and honesty, and supportive and friendly attitude towards his fellow lovers and fans.

He has amassed over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1 million followers on Twitter in less than a year.

However, Kyo’s journey as a Vtuber has not been easy. He has been struggling with multiple health conditions that have affected his physical and mental well-being.

He has been hospitalized several times and has had to take breaks from streaming to recover.

His fans have been worried about his health and have shown him their love and support through various messages and fan art.

Kyo Kaneko Illness: What Happened To The Vtuber?

Kyo has mentioned a couple of times during his streams that he suffers from multiple health conditions that frequently cause him to go to the hospital throughout his life.

He has not revealed the exact details of his diagnosis, but he has hinted that it involves his heart, lungs, and blood. He has also said he has a weak immune system and is prone to infections.

According to a source from Showbizcorner, Kyo was born with a congenital heart defect that required him to undergo several surgeries as a child.

He also developed asthma and anemia later in life, which made him more vulnerable to respiratory problems and fatigue.

He has been taking medication and undergoing treatments to manage his symptoms, but he still experiences chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and fainting episodes.

Kyo Kaneko Illness
Kyo Kaneko suffers from multiple health conditions, including a congenital heart defect. (Image Source: Zerochan)

Kyo’s health issues have affected his streaming schedule and performance. He has had to cancel or postpone some of his streams due to feeling unwell or having to go to the hospital.

He has also had to adjust his streaming hours and content to avoid overexerting himself or triggering his conditions.

For example, he has avoided playing horror games or singing too much, which can cause stress or strain his voice. Despite his difficulties, Kyo has always tried to be positive and cheerful during his streams.

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He has joked about his illness and made light of his situation, often calling himself “Printer-kun” or “Crayola Twink” because of the noises he makes when he coughs or wheezes.

He has also thanked his fans for their concern and reassured them that he is doing fine.

Kyo Kaneko Health In 2023: How Is He Doing Now?

As of May 2024, Kyo’s health condition seems to have improved slightly compared to the previous year.

He has been able to stream more regularly and participate in more collaborations with other Vtubers.

The Vtuber has also been able to play some horror games and sing some songs, although he still takes precautions and limits himself.

However, Kyo’s health is still not stable or predictable. He still suffers from occasional flare-ups and complications that require him to seek medical attention or rest.

He still takes medication and undergoes treatments to keep his condition under control. He still faces challenges and risks that could affect his health or career.

Kyo Kaneko health
Kyo Kaneko believes that streaming has given him joy and happiness despite facing numerous health challenges. (Image Source: NIJISANJI EN Official Store)

Kyo has expressed gratitude and appreciation for his fans’ support and understanding throughout his journey as a Vtuber.

He has said that streaming has given him a purpose and joy in life and that he loves entertaining and interacting with his audience.

The Vtuber has also said that he wants to continue streaming as long as possible and hopes to achieve more goals and milestones with his fans.

He has said that he does not want to let his illness define or limit him and wants to prove himself as a Vtuber and as a person.

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Kaneko has also said that he does not want to give up or quit, even if things get hard or scary. Kyo is an inspiring example of someone who faces adversity with courage and humor.

We wish him all the best and hope he recovers soon and continues to shine as a Vtuber.


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