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Lainey Wilson Tattoo: Does She Have It? Rumors Of Inked Arms

Lainey Wilson is now trending as she won The Female Artist of 2023 award at the first-ever People’s Choice Country Awards. On the other hand, rumors of Lainey Wilson tattoo are going viral.

Hailing from Louisiana, the American country music singer-songwriter Lainey Wilson was born on May 19, 1992.

She became interested in music at a young age. So, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue a career as a country performer.

Her starting phase in Nashville was full of struggles, but she never gave up.

For several years, Lainey played various small shows and worked on her songwriting.

Finally, she released a self-titled album on the Cupit label in 2014.

Her career took a new height when she signed a major-label recording contract with the BBR Music Group in 2018.

Moreover, Wilson joined the cast of Yellowstone in 2022, with some of her songs also being featured in the series.

Like many other artists, Lainey Wilson has sparked curiosity about whether she has any hidden tattoos that are meaningful to her.

Lainey Wilson Tattoo: Does She Have Inked Arms?

For a while now, fans have been wondering whether Lainey Wilson has inked arms or not.

However, it may be disappointing for many, but there have been no reports or confirmations of Lainey Wilson tattoo on her body.

No tattoos seen on Wilson's Body
The singer has no visible tattoos on her body in pictures so far, but does she have any hidden tattoos? (Source: Instagram)

In fact, the rumors of her tattoo are getting viral as a fan was spotted with an inked arm of her face.

Most people misheard this news and thought Lainey was the one who got her arms inked.

But no visible tattoos have been spotted on the singer’s body to date.

Clearly, it seems like the singer has not tattooed anything yet. If she had any ink, she would have definitely flaunted it.

Lainey Wilson on stage
Lainey Wilson won the night’s first award for The Female Artist of 2023 at the People’s Choice Country Awards on Thursday. (Source: Instagram)

Wilson has never mentioned anything about her tattoo in any of her social media interviews.

Further, the singer has not revealed any future plans for getting permanent ink on her body.

Thus, fans should not believe these baseless rumors.

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Lainey Wilson’s Reaction to Fan’s Amazing Tattoo of Her Face

The rumor about Lainey Wilson getting a tattoo was fake. It was not Lainey but her fan who got inked on the arm.

While touring in Duluth, Minnesota, the singer met a fan who had an enormous version of her face tattooed on his arm.

Wilson was so surprised that she even posted the picture on her Instagram. She captioned the post,

Duluth is already getting wild. that’s my face on his arm.

Lainey Wilson's fan's tattoo
The singer met a fan in Duluth, Minnesota, who got an amazing ink of her face on the arm. (Source: Instagram)

Also, in an interview with Evan Paul on Taste of Country Nights, she shared how she really felt about the fan’s level of commitment to her.

She mentioned how much she adored her fans, but getting a tattoo of her face was wild.

Interestingly, Lainey’s lack of ink hasn’t stopped fans from paying tribute to her through their tattoo.

With the singer’s increasing fan following, the chances are she will be experiencing such shocking incidents more in the future.

Obviously, her powerful music and inspiring personality have drawn the madness among her admirers.

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