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Lance Herndon Wikipedia: Murder By His Own Wife Dionne Baugh

After more than two decades of his death, the American businessman Lance Herndon is back in the spotlight, leading to an increase in his Wikipedia.

Lance Herndon was an Atlanta-based accomplished tech enthusiast and a self-made millionaire.

He came into the limelight as the founder of a computer consulting firm Access, Inc.

Further, his revolutionary work in the improvement of the city’s 911 system earned him worldwide recognition.

Additionally, Lance’s work also earned him praise from the then-president Bill Clinton, who described him as a promising entrepreneur in the country.

Moreover, as he continued his good work, his talent eventually led him to the White House Conference on Small Business.

However, his promising career came to an unfortunate end after his death on August 8, 1996.

Meanwhile, almost three decades after his death, Lance Herndon has risen back to prominence captivating people worldwide.

As a result of his increasing fame, many have shown interest in his life story and are eagerly searching for the Wikipedia of Lance Herndon.

Lance Herndon Wikipedia: Biography Of The Tech Mogul

Despite his noteworthy contribution to American tech and security, Lance Herndon doesn’t have a well-dedicated Wikipedia.

So, we have come up with some interesting information about Lance Herndon, relevant to Wikipedia.

Lance Herndon was born to a family of hard-working parents in 1995 in New York City.

Lance captured in blue sweater.
Lance’s early life experiences helped him achieve his goals. (Source: Twitter)

Growing up in a working-class family, he learned the importance of hard work and patience after his father’s death.

This incident further led to different financial difficulties in his family as his mother struggled a lot as a single parent.

Following this unfortunate event Lance’s mother sent him to his grandparents in Virginia where he spent most of his time on their farm.

After years of working on the farm, he returned to New York and continued his studies.

With an interest in math and science, Lance enrolled in the fast-track electronics study program at George Washington High School in Brooklyn.

Later he went on to complete a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the City University of New York.

Moreover, his initial family struggles and hard work helped him lay a strong foundation for his future career.

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Details On Lance Herndon’s Built Career

Upon completion of his graduation, Lance relocated to Atlanta for better opportunities.

There he initially worked in different IT firms before establishing his own company Access, Inc.

Lance Herndon holding a baby.
Lance Herndon built a successful company from scratch. (Source: Twitter)

This company built from scratch by Lance, soon became one of the largest computer consulting firms in Southeast America.

Further, with the company’s growth, Lance Herndon became a household name in Atlanta’s business circle, notable in his Wikipedia.

Soon his hard work and determination established him as one of the self-made millionaires in the country.

Despite his successful career, Lance’s personal life faced various relationship challenges.

At the age of 41, in 1996, he had already been married and divorced three times.

Despite his personal challenges, Lance remained determined in his career, building a successful business from scratch.

Moreover, his hard work and contributions continue to inspire many technology enthusiasts to date.

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Why Did Dionne Baugh Murdered Lance Herndon?

After three unsuccessful past relationships, Lance entered the online dating space, looking for a new relationship.

Then began the story of his unfortunate death as he started seeing multiple women at once.

Among these women, Bionne Baugh was also the one whose obsession for him eventually resulted in his death.

Lance's story portrayed in movie.
Lance’s story was later portrayed in a movie titled, Love and Murder. (Source: Twitter)

All of these started in July 1996, when Bionne caught Lance with a unanimous woman hanging out in his residence.

This incident led her to rage and she started banging the door furiously to confront him.

Lance, on the other hand, decided to call 911 and accused her of criminal trespassing.

Following her arrest, Lance felt guilty and tried to drop all the charges made against her but the police went on to file a case against her.

Despite Lance’s numerous efforts, the case was scheduled to be heard on August 8, 1996.

Unfortunately, on court hearing day, Lance was found dead inside his residence caused by numerous hits on his head and face.

After a long investigation, the authorities arrested Dionne Baugh for his murder.

Later in 2001, the court awarded her with life in prison for brutally murdering Lance with an adjustable wrench.

However, upon the second hearing, Dionne pleads guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter, leading to a 10-year prison sentence.

Moreover, this case turned out as an example of a potential incident that could result from jealousy and obsession.

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