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Strategist Laura Fink Wikipedia: Ethnicity To Political Party Covered

The feminist approach to life has made Laura Fink somewhat of an influencer and visionary. Due to her thoughts about feminism and her political analysis, fans are actively looking for Laura Fink on Wikipedia.

Miss Fink is most notably known for frequently appearing on TV news outlets such as Fox News and CBS.

She is also known for her political analysis of the American political landscape. Laura is often seen debating recent happenings in US politics.

In the past, Laura has served as a Democratic strategist. Her involvement in the campaigns of Democratic candidates signifies her support for democratic ideology.

Recent Trump indictments have again pushed Laura into the limelight, as her point of view about Donald Trump’s campaign is not particularly liked by many Republican supporters.

Numerous viewers are curious more than ever about Laura Fink and her Wikipedia.

Laura Fink Wikipedia: Who Is She?

Born on February 12th, 1977, Laura Fink is a 46-year-old single blonde woman with blue eyes.

She is the CEO of Rebelle Communication, a strategic communications firm based in San Diego, California.

Laura Fink Wikipedia and her Fox news colleagues.
Laura Fink is a former speaker of the California State Assembly. (Source: Twitter)

Rebelle Communications works on creating and promoting the public persona of a person or a company in ways that resonate with the target audience.

She has also worked on several TV projects, including Keeping Up with Jones, Morning with Maria Bartiromo, and Fox News Live.

Laura’s career initially started as a regional lead at Micro Strategy, but soon after, she worked as a deputy campaign manager at the National Congressional Campaigns.

Later, she worked for Michael Arcuri’s campaign for the 24th congressional district election in 2010.

Soon after, she held the position of president at Fink & Hernandez Consulting LLC, based in California.

Nowadays, Laura works on television as a political analyst at America’s major local and national news outlets.

Laura sharing screen with Elizabeth Warren.
Laura was a witness for the “Filner Harassment Scandal.” (Source: Twitter)

Laura is multi-talented and has tried her hand in diverse professions, such as speechwriter, strategist, and spokesperson.

She is also highly regarded as a PR expert, political strategist, writer, instructor, and avid speaker.

Her commentary is part of newspapers and websites of outlets such as the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Bloomberg News, and The Huffington Post.

Despite doing various significant works, Laura Fink has not yet received her personal Wikipedia handle.

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Early Life And Career Of Laura Fink

Laura Fink had a humble beginning as she was raised in El Cerrito, California.

She is the daughter of her father, Bill Fink, and mother, Mary Ann.

Fink is extremely close with her two siblings, brother Enfuego Joe Fink and sister Hermanas Fink.

Laura and her friends happy faces
Fink used to play volleyball, basketball, and softball during high school. (Source: Twitter)

Laura completed her graduate from Crawford High School in 1994 and later joined Wellesley College to study for a Bachelor of Arts.

Her presence in numerous volunteer projects throughout her academic life is commendable.

She was a volleyball coach for the United States Volleyball League. Furthermore, she was the co-founder of Run Women Run.

Laura was also on the Coalition for Reproductive Justice and the NGS movement board.

Again, in her academic days, she was an excellent athlete and a theatre artist.

Laura is a successful woman who has achieved myriad feats, but it seems she has done it all alone.

Laura Fink’s Personal Life And Love

As of 2023, Laura Fink is still single. It is not like she is divorced; the truth is that she has never married anyone.

Laura with another elderly Fink family member.
At Wellesley College, Fink was part of the Shakespearean Society. (Source: Twitter)

Details about her relationship status are also difficult to find, as she never reveals anything about her love interest on her social media handles.

Laura Fink never had a Wikipedia page, but now it seems people are noticing her political views and feminist nature.

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