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Laura Keoroglian Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Spiritual Coach?

There is a growing interest in Laura Keoroglian Wikipedia. Many individuals are curious to learn more about her background and experiences.

There have been various questions regarding the spiritual coach’s professional and private information as there needs to be more information. 

Therefore, the article will include detailed information about Laura, which has been top searched online. 

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Laura Keoroglian Wikipedia And Biography 

Laura Keoroglian is a spiritual coach who specializes in “coffee cup reading” or “lectura de la borra del café” in Spanish.

This is a form of divination in which the patterns left by coffee grounds in a cup are interpreted to provide insight into a person’s life, future, and relationships.

Keoroglian appears to be a practitioner of this technique and offers her services online through her website and social media platforms such as TikTok.

She also refers to herself as an “Abridora de caminos,” which translates to “Opener of Paths” in English, suggesting that her coaching may be focused on helping clients find their life purpose and overcome obstacles.

She discovered her gift of coffeeomancy by interpreting messages from her eraser and has since refined her practice to offer remote readings for clients.

Despite being separated from her clients by distance, she has found ways to connect with them through technology, such as WhatsApp video calls.

Laura Keoroglian, an Education Sciences graduate, inherited the Armenian coffee tradition of reading.
Laura Keoroglian, an Education Sciences graduate, inherited the Armenian coffee tradition of reading. (Image Source: Twitter)

Keoroglian believes that coffee readings are not about fortune-telling but about helping people remember what they already know about themselves to create a more authentic future.

Keoroglian’s journey to becoming a spiritual coach and coffee cup reader began unexpectedly.

After spending 20 years dedicated to education and running a school, she faced personal and professional challenges with the 2002 crisis and separation from her husband.

As an Armenian, coffee was a tradition in her household, and she was introduced to the practice of coffee cup reading by her sister’s boyfriend.

Despite having never done it before, she found that things started to appear, which sparked her interest in researching and training in spiritual disciplines.

Beyond her local success, Keoroglian has also gained a following in Miami, where she is seen as a regional reference in the discipline.

She partly attributes this to the city’s openness to spirituality and its rejection of consumerism, which she believes is a common misconception.

Her unique approach to coffee cup reading has allowed her to connect with clients worldwide, demonstrating the power and appeal of this ancient practice in the modern age.

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Laura Keoroglian Age: How Old Is The Spiritual Coach?

Many individuals have expressed interest in determining the age of Laura Keoroglian, a spiritual coach noted for her youthful appearance and well-maintained physique.

But there has not been any specific age or date of birth of Laura shared in public, and she has preferred to keep her information private. 

Recent picture of Laura Keoroglian from her official Instagram.
A recent picture of Laura Keoroglian from her official Instagram. (Image Source: Instagram)

Based on her appearance in photographs and her professional work, the spiritual coach might be in her early forties. 

Due to the lack of explicit information about Laura Keoroglian’s age, it is difficult to confirm whether she is younger or older than the assumed age range based on her pictures and work.

Keoroglian began her career as an educator and had a school in the Prado area. However, due to the economic crisis in 2002 and her divorce, she decided to explore her passion for coffee and spirituality.

Eventually, she became a renowned spiritual coach and coffee cup reader, authoring the book “Corazón de Café.”

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