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Laura Linney And Brooke Shields Relationship: Are They Still Best Friend?

In February 2020, people were amazed to learn about Laura Linney and Brooke Shields relationship or childhood friendship. But are they still friends?

At the time Brooke Shields shared a throwback picture on her Instagram account. 

It was revealed that the two prominent artists were childhood best friends.

Until this moment, the public was unaware of their shared history. People, including prominent actresses and actors,  noted their cuteness and bond.

However, many people can’t help but question, if the two actresses still share a close bond with one another.

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Laura Linney And Brooke Shields Relationship

Brooke Shields shared a nostalgic moment on Instagram, revealing her long-standing friendship with fellow actress Laura Linney.

Laura Linney And Brooke Shields relationship
Laura Linney And Brooke Shields relationship and childhood friendship shocked many. (Image Source: Yahoo)

The throwback photo, posted on 7 February 2020, shows young Shields and Linney sitting side by side, seemingly on a swing.

In the photo, Linney is seen wearing a white top and colorful bottoms, while Shields is wearing a dark T-shirt and jeans.

The two girls posed back-to-back, both sporting smiles.

Shields captioned the photo, “Went way back into the archives for this one with @itsmelauralinney,” tagging the Ozark star.

Moreover, the post appeared just a day after Laura Linney celebrated her 56th birthday.

It surprised many who were unaware of the long history between these two prominent personalities.

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Are Laura Linney And Brooke Shields Still Friends?

The post garnered hundreds of comments from fans and fellow actors, all praising their enduring bond and the adorable throwback photo.

However, as with any long-term relationship, friendships can change and evolve over time.

It’s possible that Shields and Linney may not be as close as they once were.

Despite this, given their shared history and experiences, they likely have managed to maintain a strong connection.

While it might have been long, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their friendship has diminished.

The two gorgeous stars appear to be still maintaining a strong bond behind the scenes.

Laura Linney Was Worried About Brooke Shields

In the documentary “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields,” Laura Linney shared her concerns about Shields’ early exposure to fame.

Laura Linney And Brooke Shields relationship
Laura Linney once revealed that she was worried for Brooke Shields when she rose to prominence during elementary school. (Picture: Brooke Shields with her mother Teri). (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Linney recalled their elementary school days when Shields would travel to California for advertisements, leaving their classmates wondering about her whereabouts.

Linney also revealed the challenges they faced dealing with Shields’ mother, Teri, who had alcohol issues.

She described how they would ‘duck and cover’ when Teri came home drunk.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Shields knew how to protect herself and Linney followed her lead.

The documentary also delves into Shields’ complex relationship with her mother, who allowed her to be sexualized in the media at a young age.

Shields expressed her struggle to understand her mother’s decisions, especially when she was made to perform provocative scenes in films like “Pretty Baby” at the age of 11.

Moreover, Brooke’s daughters, Rowan and Grier, refuse to watch the film, calling it ‘child pornography.’

Shields, now a mother herself, admits she doesn’t understand why her mother thought it was okay for her to pose nude at such a young age.

Shields couldn’t be angry at her despite her mother’s flaws, acknowledging her mother’s insecurities.

The documentary provides a deep insight into Shields’ life, her career, and her relationship with her mother.

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