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Lauren Alexis Scandal: Did Leaked Video Cause Breakup With Boyfriend Behzinga?

Lauren Alexis Scandal has heated the Internet, as the name of other two popular content creators, Ethan and Faith, has also been connected in this controversy.

Lauren Alexis, a prominent YouTuber and social media influencer, was born in 1999, making her 24 years old at present.

Hailing from Essex, United Kingdom, she has cultivated a substantial online presence.

Alexis is recognized for her diverse content and engaging challenges across multiple platforms, contributing to her widespread popularity.

Her YouTube channel boasts over 1.58 million subscribers and features an extensive collection of 280 videos.

Additionally, her Instagram account commands a following of 2 million, and on TikTok, she has amassed 2.5 million followers and garnered an impressive 49 million likes.

Now that we have known her popularity across online platforms let’s discuss why she has become controversial.

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Lauren Alexis Scandal And Controversy

Lauren Alexis, a well-known YouTuber and social media influencer, has recently been embroiled in a controversy, causing Ethan to become a trending topic.

Allegations of a cheating scandal have surfaced, implicating Ethan, also known as “Behzinga” and a member of Sidemen, with Lauren Alexis, an OnlyFans model.

The controversy ignited when Faith, Ethan’s partner, posted a TikTok video revealing her discovery of the two together, a video that quickly went viral.

However, some observers question the legitimacy of the accusations, speculating that it could be a strategic move for an upcoming Christmas music video.

Lauren Alexis Scandal
Ethan’s partner, Faith, posted a video where she discovered him and Lauren together (Source: Pedestrian TV)

The situation has sparked criticism against Ethan and Faith on social media, with many expressing skepticism and dubbing it a questionable promotional tactic.

The news of Behzinga’s alleged infidelity with Lauren Alexis has captured the attention of the online community, leading to widespread discussions and debates.

Interestingly, Alexis has sparked fan controversy with a cryptic “Oops” post on social media.

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Lauren Alexis: Did Leaked Video Cause Breakup With Boyfriend Behzinga?

Amid the video that has leaked on the Internet by Ethan’s wife, Faith, revealing that Ethan had blocked her on Instagram, the followers are now confused.

While Faith disclosed the discovery of her husband with OnlyFans model Lauren Alexis, the lack of communication between them has raised the question about their breakup.

The unfolding drama between Faith and Ethan “Behzinga” has left viewers uncertain about the true nature of the situation, and it is yet not known if they have broken up.

Although supporters and fellow content creators have sympathized with Faith on her TikTok, some have questioned its authenticity.

Lauren Alexis Scandal
There has not yet been any news disclosed about Behzinga’s breakup (Source: OP Talent)

To illustrate, some of the users have suggested it could be a publicity stunt for their forthcoming Christmas music video.

Additionally, Behzinga made light of the controversy in a recent post on X while responding to the official Sidemen Vodka brand XiX.

Despite receiving likes from fans, the YouTuber has faced criticism for the alleged cheating scandal.

Behzinga and Faith have been in a relationship since 2021 and share a daughter named Hope.

Moreover, their child even made an appearance at the most recent Sidemen Charity match.

In addition to producing online content, Behzinga has previously made headlines for expressing an interest in boxing.

The YouTube boxing trend has been ongoing, and Behzinga could potentially become the next content creator from the platform to enter the boxing ring.

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