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Lax Airplane Crash: Five people Injured When A plane And A Bus Collided At Los Angeles Airport- Case Update

LAX airplane crash: when an empty Airbus was being towed on a taxiway, it collided with a bus escorting passengers between terminals, leaving five injured.

You must have witnessed or heard about numerous accidents where two vehicles collided. But have you ever heard about a collision between a bus and an airplane?

Well, it happened recently. A strange incident at major airports occurred on Friday night, 10 February 2023. An American Airlines jet carrying no passengers crashed into a shuttle bus.

The incident left at least five people injured. The Airbus A321 was being towed away from a gate and crashed at low speed.

Let’s take a detailed look at the incident in today’s article.

Lax Airplane Crash: A Plane And A Bus Collided – Case Update

According to Federal Aviation Administration, an empty Airbus A321 was being towed on a taxiway that collided with a bus escorting passengers between terminals.

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The injured people included the bus driver, two bus passengers, a tug driver, and a worker on the plane.

According to the Fire Department, the bus driver and two passengers were transferred in fair health, while the tug driver towing the jet was taken to the hospital in a moderate state.

Authorities also transferred three injured people from the bus to the hospital.

The only passenger on the aircraft was a worker who declined to be hospitalized after obtaining medical treatment at the scene.

The security footage of the incident revealed that the impact occurred near the plane’s nose. The bus’ front window was broken, and the bus’ front body was also smashed.

Despite the accident, L.A.X. is still accessible to all passengers flying in and out of the airport, informed through a tweet.

Injured From Lax Airplane Crash Latest Condition

There has been no further update about the injured people. Since none of the hospitalized people were critically injured, we assume they are in fair condition.

LAX airplane crash
Five people were injured in the L.A.X. airplane crash – none of them were in critical condition. (Image Source: Fox News)

The name and identities of the injured people have not been made public for security purposes.

The collision between an airbus and a shuttle bus sounds very unusual. Due to this, the incident has garnered massive public attention.

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Investigation Continues

The Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) announced that it would thoroughly examine the accident. The New York Times reported that there had been a series of strange events at major airports recently.

On 4 February 2023, at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas, two aircraft barely missed a collision. A FedEx cargo plane aborted its landing on the same runway from which a Southwest Airlines flight had been permitted to take off.

The F.A.A. said that the day before, a United Airlines Boeing 787 that was being towed struck the wing of a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 parked at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The Port Authority of New Jersey and New York informed that no one was hurt, and airport operations were unaffected.

Moreover, last month at Kennedy International Airport in New York, a delta Air Lines plane had to stop its takeoff since an American Airlines plane bypassed it by roughly a thousand feet.

The American Airlines plane’s pilots reportedly turned down the National Transportation Safety Board’s request for electronically recorded interviews.

Hence, according to a statement released Friday, the board issued subpoenas to them.

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