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Meet Lefty SM Wife María Isabel: 2 Kids And Married Life

Lefty SM wife, María Isabel, is mourning the loss of her beloved husband, who was shot and killed in Zapopan, Jalisco, in Mexico. Find out more about his married life.

Lefty SM was a notable Mexican rapper who was active in the scene for a long time. He was famous for his first album, Avion De Papel, which was released in 2019.

During his professional career, SM worked with various renowned names in the industry, such as Gera MX, McKlopedia, and Mr. Capone-E.

Furthermore, SM’s musical career kicked off in the year 2011. He once made headlines after performing at the Urbano Fest 2019 with an audience of 13,000 people.

Currently, everyone is shocked and devasted by his death as Lefty was shot and killed in Zapopan, Jalisco, in Mexico.

Who Is Lefty SM Wife María Isabel?

María Isabel is the wife of late Mexican rapper Lefty SM. It has been reported that Lefty and Maria were together for a long time, and they lived a happy life.

Apart from that, Maria is an active Instagram user who can be followed on the platform under the username @ezamary_. As of now, she has collected more than 204k followers.

Lefty SM Wife
Lefty SM wife, Maria Isabel, is a fitness model who has a strong presence on Instagram. ( Source: Instagram )

According to her Instagram bio, Isabel is a fitness model who is engaged in the fitness world. Furthermore, she is also the owner of a clothing brand named 50 Degrees.

Lefty and Maria worked together to run this brand. Also, the duo opened an Instagram account dedicated to their clothing brand, which is registered under the username @50.grados.

Exploring her Instagram handle, it can be said that Maria has worked with various brands. She also describes herself as a streamer.

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Everything On Lefty SM and Maria Isabel Married Life

Lefty SM was reportedly married to Maria Isabel. Many sources have noted that the duo shared a loving bond of a husband and a wife for many years, but the details regarding their marriage remain unclear.

Lefty and Maria often shared images on their Instagram handle, which clearly showed that they had a good bond. They loved spending time together.

Lefty SM and Maria Isabel Married
Lefty SM and Maria Isabel were together for a long time, and they shared a strong bond with each other. ( Source: Instagram )

Apart from that, the pair never opened up about their relationship and marriage with the media. Billboard also noted that Lefty is survived by his wife.

This makes it clear that Lefty was married to Maria. As Lefty was shot to death, people are sharing their condolence messages for the devasted family.

Meet Lefty SM 2 Kids – Keysie Sauceda and Ciara

Lefty SM and his wife, Maria Isabel, were together for many years, and they had also started a family of their own. Lefty and Maria reportedly raised two kids, both daughters named Keysie Sauceda and Ciara.

Maria has shared many images of her daughters on Instagram. Apart from that, the duo had also opened Instagram accounts for both of their kids.

Lefty SM Kids
Lefty SM and his wife Maria Isabel raised two daughters together. ( Source: Instagram )

Sauceda is the older child who can be found on Instagram as @keysiesauceda and has amassed over 21.9k followers. On the other hand, the younger one is available on IG as @baby.ciara1.

Ciara has collected more than 11.8k followers. Furthermore, Sauceda also has a YouTube channel and has over 10.8k subscribers, where she has uploaded many videos. 

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