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Li Keqiang Death Cause And Obituary: Chinese Premier Died From Heart Attack

Li Keqiang death cause has been reported as a sudden heart attack by Chinese state media.

Former Premier Li Keqiang, China’s influential economist and politician, passed away suddenly at the age of 68.

The renowned economist held the position of the premier of the People’s Republic of China from 2013 to 2023 and was a crucial figure in the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee.

Li’s death has sent shockwaves across the nation and the world, marking the end of an era in Chinese politics.

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Li Keqiang Death Cause: A Heart Attack

The Chinese economist and politician Li Keqiang’s untimely demise was a result of a sudden and severe heart attack, as confirmed by state media reports.

Li Keqiang death cause
Li Keqiang death cause has been reported as a heart attack, as confirmed by Chinese media. (Image Source: CNN)

He had been resting in Shanghai, where the tragic incident occurred on 26 October 2023.

It has been reported that despite all-out efforts to revive him, Li succumbed to a heart attack, passing away in Shanghai ten minutes past midnight on 27 October.

Comrade Li Keqiang’s passing marks a significant loss for China, especially in light of his substantial economic accomplishments during his tenure.

However, the latter part of his time in office was overshadowed by China’s struggle to combat the zero-Covid crisis, which cast a shadow over his legacy.

Li Keqiang’s legacy is complex, marked by significant contributions to China’s economic growth, as well as moments of political transition and challenges.

His sudden departure leaves a void in the Chinese political landscape, and the nation mourns the loss of a prominent figure who played a pivotal role in its leadership.

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Li Keqiang Obituary

A comprehensive obituary detailing Li Keqiang’s life and contributions is expected to be published soon.

The prominent economist, who held the position of former Chinese premier and led China’s cabinet, served alongside President Xi Jinping for a decade, stepping down from his role in March.

Li Keqiang death cause
The late economist and politician Li Keqiang was once regarded as a top Communist Party leadership contender. (Image Source: AP News)

The prominent Chinese politiican’s journey through the political landscape was remarkable. Although he lacked a power base, he ascended through the ranks of the Communist Party and, at one point, was even considered a prime contender for the role of President.

Educated at Peking University, the politician possessed a deep understanding of economics, and initially, he was entrusted with the responsibility of steering China’s economy.

However, as his career progressed, analysts observed that he became increasingly marginalized, particularly as Chinese President Xi Jinping consolidated power within the political sphere.

Despite his early promise and accomplishments, Li Keqiang found himself on the sidelines in the latter part of his tenure as Xi’s influence continued to grow.

In conclusion, Li Keqiang’s death due to a heart attack marks the end of an era in Chinese politics.

He was a dedicated economist and politician who served his country for a decade, leaving a lasting impact on China’s economic landscape.

While his career had its share of highs and lows, there is no doubt that Li Keqiang’s contributions will be remembered as a significant chapter in China’s recent history.

As the nation and the world reflect on his passing, they mourn the loss of a prominent leader and economist who shaped the course of China’s development.

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