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Liam Castellanos Age: How Old Is Nick Castellanos Son?

After two consecutive home runs in the recent match, Nick is making headlines, and now fans want to know about his family, including the age of his son Liam Castellanos.

Nicholas Castellanos, popularly known as Nick, is an American professional baseball right fielder.

He was raided in South Florida and now plays for the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball. Further, Nick has also played for the Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, and Cincinnati Reds previously.

Drafted out of high school in 2010, Nick became one of the top prospects in baseball at a young age.

Throughout his career, Nick has been named the most valuable player for teams he played for.

Currently, his family is always present at Nick’s game to show support from the stands. This has made fans curious to know about his son, Liam Castellanos, and his age.

Liam Castellanos Age: How Old Is Nick Castellanos Son?

Nick Castellanos has a touching moment after his match with his family and children.

While he is out in the fields playing, Liam’s reactions on the stand are loved by the fans.

During the game, Nick’s son, Liam, had the best reaction after his father hit a home run for the Phillies.

Seeing such a father-son dynamic, fans were interested in the age of Liam Castellanos.

Nick Castellanos with son Liam
Nick Castellanos loves his family and values their support. (Source: Instagram)

Liam is currently 10 years old and is the son of Nick’s high school sweetheart, Vanessa Hernandez.

However, he now lives with Nick’s current wife, Jessica Gomez, and his brother.

Meanwhile, Nick Castellanos often shares pictures of his children through social media platforms.

Since a young age, Liam Castellanos has been making appearances in his father’s baseball matches.

Liam often celebrated with Nick through the protective netting, making such moments one of the most endearing gestures.

Nick walks with son Liam Castellanos
Liam accompanies his father for his games and interviews. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he also adorably joins post-game interviews with Nick.

Nick admitted that he has wondered about a future MLB path for his son.

However, Liam’s interest seems to be in the design field, as he made a shirt for his father’s 29th birthday.

Cindy Shirts later licensed the custom shirt featuring a drawing of Nick in the Reds uniform.

Moreover, the design was a hit among the fans, generating huge revenue from its sale.

Later, Liam Castellanos donated the money to a charity, showing maturity for his age.

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Nick Castellanos Has Another Baby Son Otta: Family And Career

Nick Castellanos has been a rising star in the baseball scene for quite some time.

Further, throughout his career, Nick has scored a total of 210 home runs with a batting average of .276 points.

For his performance on the field, he has received the Silver Slugger Award, All MLB Second Team, and a 2x All-Star honor.

Despite starting his career with minor leagues, Nick now plays for teams on a contract basis.

Liam with his brother
Nick had a second son with his wife, Jessica Gomez, in 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Recently, he opted out of his contract with the Reds and signed a five-year deal with the Phillies.

Nick faced a slump of no home runs lasting over a month after the contract, but now he is back on track with the skills.

With each match, fans have seen Nick refine his techniques and ability to score a point.

This work ethic that Nick has comes from the values instilled by his mom.

Nick Castellanos with his family
Fans wonder if future MLB stars will belong to the Castellanos family. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Nick values his family and considers their support a big part of himself and his career.

Currently, the MLB player shares a beautiful life with his wife and sons, as Jessa has given birth to a baby son named Otta, who is currently 17 months old.

Meanwhile, Jessica Gomez has adopted her stepson, Liam, and loves him dearly.

Gomez takes the boys to the games and often shares the moments through her Instagram account.

Fans all over the world love Nick Castellanos and his captivating relationship with his family, especially Liam and his new baby son, Otta.

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