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Lisa Hochstein Ethnicity: Is The RHOM Season 6 Cast Jamaican?

Following the appearance of Lisa Hochstein in the Real Housewives of Miami season 6, questions regarding her ethnicity have surfaced on different social media platforms.

Lisa Hochstein is a prominent American woman recognized for her work in the TV industry.

She came into the limelight after her appearance in Bravo’s reality show, The Real Housewives of Miami, in its second season in 2012.

Since then, Lisa has continuously gained widespread recognition, establishing herself as an internet personality.

Likewise, increasing fame has helped her amass a massive following of over 1 million on her Instagram.

Moreover, Lisa appeared on multiple seasons of The Real Housewives of Miami after her first TV debut, solidifying her presence in the industry.

Furthermore, as the fan following of her continues to increase, many have shown interest in her personal life and family background.

Meanwhile, this interest has raised numerous questions regarding the ethnicity of Lisa Hochstein and her parents.

Lisa Hochstein Ethnicity: Is She Jamaican?

With the increasing fame of celebrities, many questions related to their personal life often emerge on social media.

Similarly, at the moment, the ethnicity of the American TV star Lisa Hochstein has attracted a huge audience.

However, Lisa has never addressed her ethnicity and continuously ignored her fans.

Due to this lack of disclosure from her, various media outlets and her fans are left with speculations.

Lisa Hochstein captured in white dress.
Lisa belongs to a mixed-ethnic family. (Source: Instagram)

As a result the ethnicity of Lisa Hochstein often sparks curiosity among online users.

Additionally, many sources have claimed Lisa Hochstein is a woman of Jamaican ethnicity.

However, no sources have yet confirmed the ethnic background of Lisa Hochstein, and are engaged in collecting further information.

Meanwhile, her privacy preference has led all these sources to a dead end. 

Moreover, unless further confirmations are out, it is hard to conclude the ethnicity of Lisa Hochstein based on speculations.

In the meantime, we can watch online sources for further information.

Until then, we should focus on her work and praise her instead of eagerly searching for details about her personal life.

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Details On Lisa Hochstein’s Family Background

Understanding Lisa Hochstein’s family might help us shed light on her ethnic background.

As mentioned by her, she was born and raised in a mixed-ethnic family of a Canadian father and a Jamaican mother.

Although her mom was raised in a small place called Seaford Town in Jamaica, she eventually moved to Canada during her teenage years.

Lisa Hochstein captured in purple dress.
Lisa’s mother is of Jamaican ethnicity. (Source: Instagram)

However, Lisa’s mother does belong to the Jamaican ethnicity, but that doesn’t suggest anything about her ethnic background.

Moreover, based on the available information, her family is of mixed ethnic background.

Despite a clear view, many sources have continuously pointed out Lisa and her family as Jamaican.

Nevertheless, questioning someone’s ethnicity without a proper fact check is unethical.

So, we request that everyone sharing false news about Lisa’s family stop immediately.

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How Did Lisa End Up In The United States?

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Lisa has dreamed of becoming a successful woman since her early years.

Following her dreams, she entered the modeling world, eventually leading her to the United States.

While in the US, Lisa met a man named Lenny Hochstein and fell in love with him, becoming a US citizen.

Lisa captured with her boyfriend.
Lisa is a mother of two children. (Source: Instagram)

Two months later, the couple moved in together in Miami and started a family together.

However, the relationship eventually ended with a separation after more than 15 years of marriage.

Meanwhile, Lisa also began her TV career as a contestant in the second season of The Real Housewives of Miami.

Since then, she has been part of every season that followed, eventually becoming a household name as a housewife.

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