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Lisa Lopez Family & Husband Mike Galvan: How Are Her Kids?

The recent news of the death of Lisa Lopez in the Super Bowl parade shooting has generated a lot of people’s curiosity about her family background. So, let us figure out more.

The Super Bowl parade victim Lopez’s professional life took her through many diverse experiences, combining her organizational abilities and love for music.

In order to become a good manager of judicial cases, she spent more than 14 years as an Administrative Court Clerk.

She further refined her skills by working as Pinnacle Staffing Group’s Bilingual Staff Recruiter for seven years, trying to bridge the communication gap.

However, radio is where Lopez came alive. She co-hosted The Taste of Tejano on Kansas City’s KKFI community station for a decade and a half.

It was a weekly bilingual program celebrating Hispanic musical heritage. Further, it mirrored Lopez-Galvan’s pride in her culture and unwavering advocacy for representation.

But unfortunately, gun violence terminated Lisa Lopez’s talents when she was 58 years old.

On the other hand, the family of Lisa Lopez has become very interesting to many following reports about her death.

Lisa Lopez Family & Children: How Are Her Kids?

The late DJ Lisa Lopez constituted her family and kids as her whole world to her.

She adored being their mother and worked to protect them from the public eye as much as possible.

Although Lisa Lopez was quite secretive about her private life, some details about her family emerged over the years.

Lisa Lopez adopted a young boy called Christian in the late 90s. After several years, she also adopted a baby girl named Chloe.

Lisa Lopez with her family
Lisa Lopez embraced parenting with joy and dedication. (Source: Twitter)

Lisa Lopez was an affectionate mother who loved caring for her children passionately.

Tragically orphaned when Lopez died in 2002, her relatives raised Christian and Chloe, thus enabling them to grow up in a loving family environment.

Christian and Chloe have, understandably, tried to escape the media spotlight and lead normal lives as young adults.

In an interview that is rare, Chloe said many individuals often say that she looks so much like her mom used to before her death.

However, her timeless music longs to live out the creativity and enthusiasm that characterized Lopez’s career.

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Details On Lisa Lopez Husband Mike Galvan

Lisa Lopez was the source of strength, love, and support of his husband, Mike Galvan, for over two decades.

Professionally, Lopez’s husband served as Tandy Leather Factory Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer.

He comes from a corporate background, in stark contrast with his artistic leanings of Lopez.

Nevertheless, their different professional paths intersected beautifully due to shared principles, unspoken chemistry, and dedication.

Lisa Lopez standing in front of car
Her children find comfort in listening to her timeless music. (Source: Twitter)

In the present time, Galvan is devastated by his wife’s death in a car accident while volunteering abroad in 2002.

The loss of his soulmate and wife was sudden and immense. However, Lopez mourned privately and silently within but focused on supporting his cherished children.

To see the resilience and loyalty of Lisa Lopez was of utmost significance during this time when all hell broke loose on them as a family unit.

Yet despite continuing to avoid media glare, there still exists an incredible bond between him and her, making it a touching love story as ever before.

Galvan remains committed to preserving his wife’s musical talent through their offspring children.

And the abiding love that they held will forever remain as part of what will make up Lisa Lopez’s legacy.

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