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Lisa Loring Death And Obituary- American Actress Family And Net Worth

Lisa Loring death, The original Wednesday Adams’s child star Lisa Loring died on January 28, 2023. Learn more about the Actress through his article. 

Loring appeared in many well-known movies, but people have known her as the child star original Wednesday Adams, in Adams Family in 1964-1966. 

Since the remake of Adams Family, Wednesday was out; people started noticing the original The Adams Family member as well. Many people knew her after the Wednesday series was out in 2022. 

Along with the series, she was involved in many other movies and series as a teen. She was a child Actor in the series, The Adams family; people loved her bold personality and appearance in the show. 

Since the death news of Actress has been out, people have been curious to learn more about her, her family and her net worth. 

Lisa Loring Death And Obituary

Laurie Jacobson, the close friend of the Actress, confirmed the news about her death via a Facebook post. People shared condolence for her family through her post’s comment.

Along with Laurie, other family members and her close friend from the industry confirmed the news to the public. Since the information has been out in public, people have been raising more questions. 

Gorgeous Lisa Loring after Playing Wednesday on 'The Addams Family Show'
Gorgeous Lisa Loring after Playing Wednesday on ‘The Addams Family Show’ (Image Source: AmoMama)

In the post, Laurie mentioned that four days before her death, she suffered a massive stroke brought on by smoking and high blood pressure.

And the Actress was sent to the hospital and was medical attention; she had life support for three days.

On January 27, her family decided to remove it, and she passed a day after; she was out of life support. 

Loring was surrounded by her family when she had her last breath. She is the mother of two, and they were present with her in the hospital for four days.

Loring was doing great just a week ago, but after being hospitalized, she was weak daily and died at 64. 

The Actress is always remembered as the original Wednesday Adams from the television cartoon. 

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American Actress Family: Meet Her Mother, Judith Loring, And Father

The Actress was born in 1958, and after Loring’s birth, her parents got separated, and she was raised by her mother, Judith Loring. 

No, information has been mentioned about her Father in public; she lived with her mother in Los Angeles. 

Moving to her family, she was married four times. The Actress was married for the first time to her high school sweetheart, Farrell Foumberg when she was 15. 

She had a daughter with Farrell, Vanessa Loring. She has not mentioned her daughter publicly; they decided to split shortly after her daughter was born. 

Lisa Loring, husband actor Doug Stevenson and their daughter Marianne Stevenson.
Lisa Loring, husband actor Doug Stevenson and their daughter Marianne Stevenson. (Image Source: Legit.ng)

Loring married Doug Stevenson and had a second daughter, Marianne Loring, born in 1984. 

Then in 1987, she was married to Jerry Butler and again for the fourth time to Graham Rich in 2003; the couple separated in 2014. 

Loring was single at the time of her death; she had been out of her marriage since 2014. 

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Lisa Loring Net Worth At Death 

The Actress has not publicly mentioned her earnings, but people have always discussed her net worth update. 

According to the Source, the net worth of original Wednesday Adams was $500 thousand at her death. 

Loring started modelling when she was three and was involved in movies as a young star. Loring was well-known as a young star for a long time, and she was clear about her career choice since childhood. 

Loring was raised by her mother, who was her most extensive support system. The Actress mentioned that she couldn’t be known as an Actress until her mother supported her. 


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