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Who Is Lisandro Meza Esposa Luz Domínguez? Hijos Lisandro Meza Jr And Hija

Lisandro Meza esposa (wife), Luz Domínguez, was not only his life partner of 66 years but also a significant influence.

The world of Colombian music mourns the loss of a legendary figure, Lisandro Meza.

Until his recent passing on December 23, 2023, he was celebrated as the “King of Cumbia” and the “Master of Vallenato Sabanero.”

Beyond his musical prowess, Meza’s life was intertwined with family, with Luz Domínguez standing as a steadfast partner for over six decades.

In this article, we explore the life, career, and familial connections of Lisandro Meza, shedding light on the woman behind the musician, his son Lisandro Meza Jr.

Who Is Lisandro Meza Esposa (Wife) Luz Domínguez? 

Lisandro Meza’s life was marked by a deep and enduring partnership with his Esposa, Luz Domínguez. 

Lisandro Meza Esposa
In the tapestry of their lives, Luz Domínguez and Lisandro Meza wove the bonds of matrimony in the year 1957. (Source: tunota)

He was born in El Piñal, Los Palmitos, Sucre, Colombia, on September 26, 1937. Meza began his musical journey in 1954, learning to sing and play the accordion from his father, known as “La Armenia.”

In 1957, Meza and Domínguez decided to unite their lives in holy matrimony.

Their marital journey spanned an impressive 66 years. It showcased a commitment that withstood the test of time. While not devoid of challenges, Meza and Domínguez shared both good and challenging times.

The Korraleja.com portal reports that Lisandro Meza even played a role in convincing his wife to engage in politics.

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Luz Domínguez subsequently arrived at the Municipal Mayor’s Office of Los Palmitos. It is a municipality in the department of Sucre, Meza’s homeland.

Meet Lisandro Meza Hijos (Son) Lisandro Meza Jr 

The Meza musical lineage continues with Lisandro Meza Jr., the hijo of the renowned Colombian musician.

Lisandro Meza Esposa
Lisandro Meza Jr. has been part of musical endeavors that continue to captivate audiences and honor the traditions set by his father. (Source: YouTube)

Lisandro Meza Jr. is not only a Colombian pianist but also a singer. He followed in the footsteps of his illustrious father.

Born into a family steeped in musical tradition, Lisandro Meza Jr. has likely been influenced by the rich melodies and rhythms that characterized his father’s extensive career.

The details about Lisandro Meza Jr.’s career may not be as extensively documented as his father’s. However, the mention of his name underscores the continuation of the Meza musical legacy.

As a pianist and singer, Lisandro Meza Jr. contributes to the family’s musical heritage. It adds his notes to the melody that his father once orchestrated.

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Lisandro Meza Jr. has likely been influenced and inspired by his father’s rich musical legacy.

Did Lisandro Meza Have A Hija (Daughter)?

There are no conclusive details about whether Lisandro Meza had a hija.

The focus on his son, Lisandro Meza Jr., is prominent in the available sources. It emphasizes the musical lineage within the Meza family.

In many cultures, the passing down of musical traditions is a cherished practice within families. The information about Lisandro Meza’s family is limited in this context.

However, the narrative may unfold through additional details that emerge over time. The absence of explicit information about a daughter should not diminish the appreciation for Lisandro Meza’s impact on Colombian music and culture. 

His contributions, both as a musician and a family man, have left an indelible mark on the hearts of his fans.

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People have enjoyed his music and witnessed the enduring love shared with Luz Domínguez.


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