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Who Is Logan Roy Brother Ewan Roy? Age Gap Family And Net Worth

People want to know about Logan Roy brother Ewan Roy from the successful series “Succession.” 

Logan Roy’s estranged brother Ewan Roy is also the Canadian-based grandpa of Greg Hirsch.

Ewan is Logan’s moral, political, and theological antithesis. He is adamantly opposed to capitalism, corporations, and the environment. He claims Logan is “morally bankrupt” and “more responsible for the death of this planet than any other human being,” telling his grandson Greg that he strongly dislikes Logan’s economic and political tactics.

Ewan appears to place a high value on his family. For instance, despite abhorring Logan’s moral principles, he still feels a little loyalty toward him out of pure sibling love.

Even while he strongly disapproves of Greg working at Waystar Royco, he is also seen offering his grandson Greg numerous opportunities and attempting to assist him several times. 

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This fondness appears limited to his own family; he refers to Logan’s children, his niece, and nephews as “a nest of vipers” and looks disgusted by the rest of the Roy family. 

In response to Kendall’s question on Thanksgiving about whether he would be willing to oppose Logan in a vote of no confidence, Ewan affirms his loyalty to his brother even though the two had just engaged in a heated argument.

Logan Roy Brother Ewan Roy: Their Age Gap And Family Explored 

Logan Roy is the minor brother of Logan Roy. Logan was born on October 1938, and Ewan was born in 1937. They only have an age difference of a year or so. 

Before the Second World War, Ewan Roy was born in Dundee, Scotland, into a lowly family. Ewan, Logan, and Rose, their younger sister, grew up in squalor. 

Their mother, a widow, decided to move them to Quebec, Canada, to be nurtured. They were brought up by their aunt, who had a herd of cattle, and their uncle, Noah, who owned a print shop and a few billboards.

Logan Roy Brother Ewan Roy
Logan Roy Brother Ewan Roy (Source: Twitter)

Logan asserted that their uncle Noah was irrational and cruelly abusive. Ewan has never questioned or offered an opinion on whether this is true. If it’s true, it stands to reason that he would have suffered abuse similar to his brother.

Although the precise circumstances of their sister Rose’s death are unknown, Ewan has been seen telling Logan that Rose’s passing was not his fault. Rose passed away at a young age. 

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Logan claims responsibility for Rose’s passing, but Ewan doesn’t seem to hold Logan accountable for what happened to Rose, which is notable given that he frequently objects to anything Logan says or does.

Ewan enlisted in the military fifty years ago and served in Vietnam. In Vietnam, he was one of 30,000 Canadians who fought against communism. Logan dismisses Ewan, saying he only enlisted to impress a local girl, even though he claims his motivations were patriotic.

Logan Roy Brother Ewan Roy Net Worth Details 

According to various sources, Logan Roy’s brother Ewan Roy has an enormous net worth of$250 million. 

In season two, he issues Greg, his grandson, a choice: quit working for Logan or have Ewan’s will annulled. To discredit his brother, Ewan is rumored to leak business secrets.

As a condition of his involvement in the HBO series, Cromwell, a longtime advocate for animal rights, racial equality, and the environment, told the Guardian that his character had been changed to reflect his policies. He said, “I asked that we have commonalities.

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But Cromwell insisted that Ewan’s objection be moral during an hour-long conversation with Succession creator Jesse Armstrong before agreeing to star in the program.

Ewan served in the Vietnam War; Cromwell began his political activism after being detained during antiwar protests in Washington, DC, in May 1971.



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