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The Masked Singer: Loredana De Amicis Husband Pat Krimson? Age Gap Family And Net Worth

Loredana De Amicis Husband is also a famous personality in the music industry.De Amics is a Belgian singer and rose to fame with her performances in the TV series The Masked Singer.

The masked singer is a Flemish version of the South Korean singing competition/guessing game hit where celebrity performers compete with each other wearing elaborate costumes to cancel their identity. The singer was able to grab the runner-up spot in the show.

Loredana is currently an active member of the music group 2 fiola. It is a Belgian electronic dance music group. The group’s song “She’s After My Piano,” featuring Loredana, was a significant hit. It was released in 2014 and remains popular in the fanbase.

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Is Pat Krimson  Loredana De Amicis  Husband? Age Gap Explored

Pat Krimson is not her husband yet, and The couple has not tied the knot; however, they are engaged. The music pair announced their engagement in January 2022.

They have been together for six years and are currently considering getting married. Their wedding will take place in the fall of 2023.

The happy couple shares a very healthy relationship; They regularly post pictures of them enjoying one another’s company. They always travel together on music tours. Pat and De Amics already have a daughter in their family; her name is Troy; however, other details about their daughter have not been revealed yet.

The singer started dating Pat Krimson in 2015. Pat is the founder of the 2 Fiola music group. The group was renewed in 2014 with a new singer Loredana De Amicis. He is one of the most popular DJs and Music producers in Belgium.

Picture of the couple from an event in 2014

Pat, her husband, is in his late fifties, Aged 57, while his better half is in her mid 30’s; she is 36 years old. Despite the noticeable age gap, they share a good relationship and love spending quality time with each other. However, this is not Pat’s first marriage.

Previously Pat was married to a graphic designer named Ann Vervoot in 2000, but the relationship ended with a divorce in 2005. Anna passed away five years after their separation in 2010.

The lovely couple is always making the headlines with their glamorous music tours; They have recently completed 1000 shows with their music group. However, Their relationship is also a hot topic due to their age gap. The couple shares a massive age gap of 21 years.

 Loredana De Amicis  Family Explored

Despite the fame, Lorendana has achieved, her family members have managed to stay out of the public eye. There is no relevant information regarding any of her family members. The singer has yet to reveal the details of her parents and her family ethnicity.

The singer has over 30K followers on Instagram; however, there are rarely any photos of her family members except for her daughter. who is six years old. The singer seems reserved about matters related to her family. Her nationality is Belgium, and she was born and raised in Gink.

Loredana De Amicis Husband and daughter

Apart from that, the singer has not spoken anything about her family background and childhood. Her family photos on her Instagram handle mostly include her boyfriend and daughter.

What Is The Networth Of The Famous Singer?

The singer is assumed to have a net worth of millions; however, the exact figures of her net worth are still under observation. Her album sales and tour fees provide the majority of her revenue. The masked singer has achieved great success in the music business.

The famous singer Loredana De Amicis

The singer started her music career in 2002 When she was just 16. Loredana took coaching lessons from coach Carina Clernix and competed in many song contests.

When she became a front woman for The Two fiola in 2008, her career took a turn for the better. Three television shows and numerous hit songs have contributed to the legendary singer’s incredibly successful career.



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