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Lorenzen Wright Siblings: Brother Lou Wright, Sister Savia Archie And Adriane

The late American professional basketball player Lorenzen Wright siblings are brother Lou Wright and sisters Savia Archie and Adriane. 

Lorenzen Wright was a notable name in the American professional basketball world. In the NBA draft in 1996, Wright was picked seventh overall. 

Further, Wright played for multiple clubs, including the Los Angeles Clippers, the Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sadly, Wright was shot to death ten days later after he went missing on July 18, 2010. The sources revealed his ex-wife, Sherra Wright-Robinson, was charged for aiding in his murder after seven years of Wright’s death, and a year and a half later, she pled guilty.

Wright is still recognized for his amazing playing career and had professionalism as the center. Fans and family expected Wright to do more in the American basketball vocation. Unfortunately, he lasted in the vocation until 2008. 

Lorenzen Wright Siblings: Brother Lou Wright, Sister Savia Archie And Adriane

Lorenzen Wright had three siblings, including a brother named Lou Wright and two sisters, Sister Savia Archie and Adriane.

Recently, fans have been curious about his family and siblings; however, not many details are available about his family background. 

Wright’s siblings are not as famous as he was, and one hasn’t made a public appearance after the basketball player’s death. Therefore, we are less known about his siblings at the moment. 

Similarly, there are no hints on what his siblings are engaged in and their professional careers, making it more challenging to talk about them.Wright’s one sister posted about his disappearance on her Twitter handle. However, she is not active on it anymore, as her last post was tweeted in 2010. 

Lorenzen Wright Siblings
Lorenzen Wright’s sister, Savia Archie tweeted about Lorenzen Wright’s missing case in 2010. (Source: Twitter)

After the death of Wright, non of his family members appeared much in the media sources and limelight. However, his ex-wife gathered much limelight and backlash after she was pledged guilty of his death with her friend, Billy Ray Turner. 

Lorenzen Wright Family Origin

The late basketball player Lorenzen Wright’s birth date is November 4, 1975, and he was 34 years old during the time of his death. He was born to his parents, Deborah Marion and Herb Wright, in Oxford, Mississippi. 

Lorenzen Wright
Deborah Vassar fought for her son’s justice. (Source: ABC News)

While talking about his family origins, The Wright family must be originally from Mississippi, and later, they moved to Memphis to pursue Wright’s senior year at Booker T. Washington High School. Similarly, his father, Herb, also had a professional-level basketball career, and he played in Finland. 

Wright was an active and career-focused person from the beginning of his basketball career, so he played almost all levels of basketball in Memphis – high school, collegiate, and professional.

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Where Is Lorenzen Wife, Sherra Wright Robinson, Now?

The late basketball player, Lorenzen Wright, was shot to death in 2010. Lorenzen’s ex-wife, Sherra Wright-Robinson, pleaded guilty to the murder of Wright. 

Lorenzen Wright
Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife at the court. (Source: The Seattle Times)

Netizens have questioned about Sherra as she is reportedly sentenced to 30 years in prison. Likewise, she is currently detained at the Tennessee Prison For Women, where she will serve her punishment until at least 2026. 

Lorenzen disappeared on the way to meet his ex-wife and kids. Sherra and her friend, Billy Ray Turner, were convicted in the murder case, and the gun used for shooting Lorenzen was traced to him, and both killed the popular Memphis figure for their personal benefit. 

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