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Who Is Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli? Parents And Net Worth 2022

Discover all about Lorenzo Sonego’s girlfriend, Alice Petruccioli, who has been with the Italian tennis star for more than a year after meeting in Miami. Please continue reading about his girlfriend, parents, and net worth.

Lorenzo Sonego is a professional tennis player from Italy who is presently ranked world number 21 in the singles classification.

Tennis Players Lorenzo Sonego and Bernabe Zapata Miralles will battle off in the first round of the Firenze Open for the fifth time in their careers. They are scheduled to appear on CAMPO CENTRALE today at 4:00 pm.

Who Is Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend, Alice Petruccioli?

Currently, Lorenzo Sonego is dating longtime partner Alice Petruccioli. In 2019, while Alice was still studying in America, he first met her at a tournament in Miami. But there isn’t a lot of information out there on Alice Petruccioli.

Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend
Lorenzo Sonego with his Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli (Source: CiaoStyle)

Alice’s professional life is unknown, but they frequently exchange pictures when Lorenzo breaks from playing.

Moreover, when she had time, the young woman started coming to see him, and they started hanging out all the time in the off-season.

Lorenzo Sonego Parents: Meet His Dad, Giorgio Sonego, and Mother

Lorenzo Sonego’s parents brought him up in Turin, Italy. The professional tennis player is the son of Giorgio Sonego.

Giorgio Sonego encouraged him to play tennis when he was eleven years old, significantly impacting his life.

Regarding his mother, nothing is known. His mother has never been the focus of public attention. Her identity is kept a secret, and there is no evidence connecting her to her actions.

There is no information about Lorenzo’s mother or her whereabouts, not even in his featured photos.

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Lorenzo Sonego Net Worth 2022

For singles and doubles matches in 2022, Lorenzo received $1,034,894 in prize money.

According to the official ATP website, Sonego won $4,255,861 in prizes during his professional career. The net worth of Lorenzo Sonego was determined to be $6 500 000.

Various companies have partnerships with Lorenzo Sonego. Some well-known international brands are the famous Japanese sportswear brand Mizuno, the Italian watchmaker Capri Watch, and the tennis equipment maker Wilson.

He also partnered with gas transportation and storage business Pulse, vinegar and seasoning producer Aceto Varvello, and bottled mineral water producer Valmora Acqua Minerale.

The majority of his net wealth comes from sponsorship deals and match-winning rewards. Additionally, his continued success will undoubtedly enable him to significantly boost his net worth in the future.

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Who is Lorenzo Sonego Coach?

On May 11, 1995, Lorenzo Sonego was born in Turin, Italy. When he was just 11 years old, he began playing tennis.

At 11, his Father, Giorgio, and tennis coach, Gipo Arbino, pushed him to start practicing the sport. Sonego became a professional for the first time in 2013 and hadn’t looked back. Sonego is now ranked No. 21 in the world.

Sonego began playing tennis at 11 under his current coach, Gipo Arbino (ATP). Giorgio’s Father significantly motivated him to start a tennis career.

Lorenzo Sonego coach
Lorenzo Sonego coach Gipo Arbino Source: TheFocus

In the 1960s, Gipo Arbino was a rising tennis player forced to give up the sport owing to financial difficulties.

Sonego first connected in 2006 through a mutual friend, and Sonego has been under his supervision ever since.

Because of their productive collaboration, Arbino founded the Torino Tennis Talent, a place where future players are developed and mentored.



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