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Louis De Zoysa Parents: Where Are They From? Family Ethnicity

Louis De Zoysa parents information has been top searched, as he has recently been sentenced for a whole lifetime. 

Louis De Zoysa, a 26-year-old individual, was found guilty of the murder of Sgt Matt Ratana.

In September 2020, he smuggled a gun into a custody center in south London, where Sgt Ratana worked. De Zoysa shot and killed Sgt Ratana in a tragic and shocking act of violence.

Despite his lawyers’ defense of diminished responsibility, a jury convicted him of murder after a three-week trial at Northampton Crown Court.

De Zoysa received a whole-life order, meaning he will spend the rest of his life in prison for this heinous crime.

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Louis De Zoysa Parents: Where Are They From?

Louis De Zoysa’s parents are of Sri Lankan and British descent. He was born into a Roman Catholic family in Croydon, a town in south London.

Louis is the eldest of five children and attended the John Fisher secondary school nearby Purley from 2008 to 2015.

Despite the seemingly idyllic portrayal of his parents in the local community, De Zoysa’s home life was marked by difficulties and violence.

His father, Channa, originally from Sri Lanka, worked as an electronics engineer before becoming a yoga teacher.

He was actively involved in the community, running cycling groups for children and providing free bicycle repair clinics.

Louis De Zoysa Parents
De Zoysa’s father, Channa, is a Sri Lankan engineer turned yogi. (Image Source: GHBase.com)

His mother, Elizabeth, worked as a Dutch-English translator and was even a candidate for the Green party in Croydon’s 2010 council elections.

Behind closed doors, there was a darker side to the family dynamics. De Zoysa spoke about a troubled relationship with his father, accusing him of being a former “drug dealer” addicted to cocaine for a decade.

He described incidents of violence, including being beaten and attacked with a piece of wood.

Domestic violence incidents led Elizabeth to take out a restraining order against her husband, and social workers visited the home for ten years to monitor the children’s safety.

As he grew older, tensions between De Zoysa and his father escalated, resulting in confrontations and physical altercations. He eventually moved away from the family home to live on a farm in Surrey.

Louis De Zoysa Family Ethnicity

Louis De Zoysa’s family ethnicity has not been explicitly stated. He is primarily known for committing a serious crime, the murder of Sgt Matt Ratana, a police officer, in September 2020.

De Zoysa was arrested while carrying a loaded gun and a bag of bullets, and he shot Sgt Ratana at a custody centre in south London.

The reasons behind his actions that night may never be fully known. Still, his difficult upbringing, strained relations with his father, and interest in weaponry significantly shaped his troubled path.

The trial and subsequent investigation into the incident revealed some details about De Zoysa’s background, including his upbringing and struggles. Still, the statement has not disclosed specific information about his family’s ethnicity.

Louis De Zoysa Parents
The family ethnicity of Louis De Zoysa remains undisclosed. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

As he faced charges for the murder and went through the legal process, there were mentions of his parents and the difficulties in their family life.

However, the focus remained on the tragic event and the crime’s circumstances.

Further details about Louis De Zoysa’s family ethnicity may not be publicly available or relevant to the ongoing legal proceedings and media coverage related to the case.

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