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Louki-Geronimo Richou Parents: Where Are They From? Ethnicity And Origin

People want to know about Louki-Geronimo Richou parents. This article gives insights into the famous politician advisor’s personal life and more.

Louki-Geronimo Richou is a Political Advisor and EdTech Entrepreneur from France.

He is the founding President from Haute-Vienne to Grandes Ecoles, which provides equal opportunities in high schools.

He is gaining notoriety for his good initiatives in the French community. And so, people want to know about his personal life.

Scroll until the end to find out details about Louki-Geronimo Richou parents and more about his personal and professional life. 

Louki-Geronimo Richou Parents: Where Are They From?

Louki-Geronimo Richou is a private person who doesn’t talk much about his personal life to the media or the public. 

As a result, there is only a little information about his family life. The identity of the political advisor’s parents is still a mystery. 

Besides their hidden identity, there is only a little information about his parent’s professional life.

Louki-Geronimo Richou Parents
Louki-Geronimo Richou grew up with his parents in Paris, France. (Image Source: CoWin Coaching)

However, according to his Twitter profile, his parents gave birth to their only probable child on October 20, 1997, in Paris, France. He spent most of his childhood there, besides his parents.

Since Richou’s parents gave birth to him in Paris, France, we can speculate that his parents are from Paris. 

The political advisor did his College Diploma in General from College Jeanne d’Arc under the guidance of his parents. He studied there from 2006 to 2010 and secured 17 out of 20 grades. 

He was highly active in sports during his college days and was interested in playing badminton and doing Kung-Fu. 

Louki-Geronimo Richou Ethnicity And Origin

Louki-Geronimo Richou likely originated from Paris, France. However, due to his private nature, we are pretty unsure about it. 

Talking about the political advisor’s ethnicity, since the identity of his parents is unknown, we couldn’t determine his ethnicity.

However, several reports suggest that Richou is of mixed ethnicity, but there is no official announcement of it. 

Additionally, Louki-Geronimo never talked about any members of his family, including his grandparents, parents or siblings. 

By this, we can also speculate that Louki was his parent’s only child. But, there is no proof to give validity to this information. 

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Louki-Geronimo Richou Wife: Is The Political Advisor Married?

Louki-Geronimo Richou is a married man. However, the details regarding his marital life are unavailable on the web. 

In addition, the identity of his wife has not been revealed yet. Judging from his Instagram profile, the political advisor has a kid with his wife. But the identity and birth details are not made available publicly.

Louki Geronimo Richou wife
Louki-Geronimo Richou on Instagram: “Learning the 500m freestyle swim in good company.”

As mentioned earlier, Richou is of private nature and likes to avoid the media’s attention on his personal life, so there isn’t much information about his wife and family.

Louki-Geronimo Richou Net Worth: How Much Does The Political Advisor Make?

Louki-Geronimo Richou’s net worth is still under review as of 2024. His primary source of income comes as a political advisor. 

Besides being a political advisor, Louki is also an EdTech Entrepreneur. The EdTech Entrepreneur is the founding President from Haute-Vienne to Grandes Ecoles, which provides equal opportunities in high schools.

He has been self-employed at Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence as a Pedagogical coordinator since June 2022. 

The political advisor is also a Parliamentary collaborator in foreign affairs since June 2018. He is skillful in Legislative Relations and Legislative Research.

Besides these, Richou has and still working in several companies. So, we can speculate that the political advisor makes decent money for his living.

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