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Is Chelsea Blackwell From Love Is Blind Megan Fox Look Alike?

Chelsea Blackwell, the Love Is Blind contestant, is receiving criticism for claiming to be Megan Fox look alike. Some see the resemblance and some don’t. Let’s explore.

Love is Blind is a famous Netflix reality show that premiered on February 13th, 2020.

The concept of a show revolves around single men and women getting engaged before they meet in person.

Some people believe that the concept in itself is very controversial.

The concept and many other aspects of the show, like its working conditions and the participants, have also been the subject of various controversies.

Currently, a female cast member, Chelsea Blackwell, is in the headlines for her statements on the show.

She is receiving a lot of backlash after saying that she is a Megan Fox look alike in one of the Love is Blind episodes.

Love is Blind: Chelsea’s Megan Fox Look-alike Revelation Raises Eyebrows!

It all started in one of the Love is Blind ‘pods date’ where Chelsea and Jimmy interact without seeing each other.

She proceeds to ask her date, Jimmy, if anybody has ever told him that he looks like a celebrity.

Love Is Blind contestant Chelsea may be Megan Fox Look Alike
Love Is Blind is trending all over the internet for the Megan Fox reference in the show. (Source: Twitter)

He replies that he does, and Chelsea Blackwell immediately replies, “I do, too.”

She adds, “I get one person, and it’s just because I have dark hair and blue eyes, but I do not see it.”

Chelsea Blackwell gives him another hint that the celebrity that she always gets compared to is ‘MGK’s wife or his girlfriend.’

Jimmy gets excited as he immediately gets the hint. He asks if his Love is Blind date is a Megan Fox look-alike.

To this Chelsea Blackwell replies, “It’s just because I have light eyes and dark hair, that’s the only reason, there’s nothing else at least I’m assuming so.”

They finally get to see each other for the first time outside their date pod.

Upon seeing his date, Chelsea Blackwell, for the first time, Jimmy says that he does not see a resemblance between her and Megan Fox.

Megan fox Chelsea Blackwell comparison
Chelsea Blackwell fans call all the backlash unnecessary and ask haters not to bring her down. (Source: Twitter)

In his interview, he adds, “She lied to me about some ohh.. how she looked.”

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Love is Blind Drama: Chelsea Megan Fox Look alike Claim Sparks Fan Criticism

He continues, “Chelsea Blackwell told me that she is a Megan Fox look alike, but I do not see it.”

However, he also adds that it does not matter to him because he is still very attracted to Chelsea.”

Even though Jimmy does not tell Chelsea Blackwell about his honest reaction, her gut feeling tells her that something is wrong.

Chelsea Blackwell Meghan Fox comparison
Chelsea Blackwell has some features resembling Megan Fox, like her hair and eyes. (Source: Twitter)

She says in her interview, “Maybe I wasn’t what he was expecting.”

Now the Love is Blind fans on Twitter cannot stop talking about the Megan Fox look alike reference on the show.

However, some fans think that Chelsea Blackwell may be a look-alike of the famous movie star Megan Fox.

No matter the view of fans, this situation has led to much criticism towards her.

Love is Blind contestant Chelsea Blackwell, in response to the criticisms, writes, “Don’t worry, I’ll never say that s*** again.”

However, she appears to be taking this situation light-heartedly and does not take the backlash seriously.

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