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Love Never Dies: Who Are Miguel and Alejandro? Are They Married? Relationship Timeline

Many fans of the Netflix reality show Love Never Dies excited to know about Miguel and Alejandro. Are the two still together after the series? Let’s find out. 

Love Never Dies: Destination Sardinia is a Spanish reality show presented by Netflix. Likewise, the show goes by the Spanish title, Amor con Fianza: Destino Cerdena. 

Additionally, the dating show involves many couples participating in tasks that expect trust and loyalty for their love.

Miguel and Alejandro were one such pair who went through several experiments during their time on the show. Are they married? Stick with us to know more.

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Who Are Miguel and Alejandro? Are The Two Married?

Miguel and Alejandro are contestants in the Netflix reality show Love Never Dies who entered the series to explore their relationship boundaries.

Also, the two tested their resolve in the show. And, no, the former pair hasn’t tied the knot yet.

Miguel and Alejandro Love-Never-Dies
Contestants Miguel and Alejandro in the Netflix reality show, Love Never Dies. (Source: CNN 59)

As of now, it does seem like Miguel and Alejandro have parted ways. The once-together pair aren’t dating each other.

Besides, as of this writing, the former couple still follows each other on their social media handles.

A few events on the show give a tiny hope that they might be able to set aside their differences and seek a happy future. Neither of the two regretted being part of the show’s experiment.

Likewise, Miguel and Alejandro became good friends with their fellow castmates. The show’s other participants gave several compliments to the duo.

Furthermore, fans want the two love birds to return and find joy in their relationship. We, too, hope that the woes of their romantic lives soon see an end.

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Miguel and Alejandro’s Relationship Timeline

Talking about Miguel and Alejandro’s relationship, the couple had a troubled past. The two came looking for a bright future in Love Never Dies, setting aside their tumultuous history.

Alejandro had cheated on Miguel earlier when he visited his hometown. Although Miguel wasn’t necessarily going to his hometown, the decision confused the other guy.

Hence, Alejandro panned out, kissing a guy, which he later admitted to being wrong. He regretted his actions and said Miguel did not deserve to be cheated.

Moreover, the couple was tested by making them live in separate villas and introducing them to new people. While one is set to watch the other’s activities, Miguel is shocked by some of his love’s actions.

Love Never Dies Season 2
Poster of Love Never Dies Season 2 with contestants. (Source: CNN 59)

Already feeling guilty over his cheating, Alejandro initially didn’t seem interested in meeting other guys. Instead, he got involved in different sorts of activities.

However, Alejandro met Ángel later in the show, and their bond grew more profound. It broke Miguel’s heart, and he felt that his relationship with Alejandro was beyond repair.

Fortunately, Miguel met Raúl in the later episodes of the show. Raúl comforted Miguel’s broken feelings and taught him how to enjoy life again.

Additionally, the two even shared a bed and fantasized about having an intimate relationship in their head which was revealed during their’ eye detect’ test.

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