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Lucille Ball Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

The “Queen of Comedy” and America’s favorite redhead Lucille Ball’s net worth was $60 million at the time of her death.

Lucille Ball was an actress, comedian, producer, and model best known for producing I Love Lucy, which is one of the most admired television sitcoms of all time.

The beauty queen rose to the top of Hollywood’s A-list in the early 1930s. Her trademark red hair, contagious giggle, and great comedic timing created her the sensation in Hollywood.

Lucy When She Was Young (Source: Pinterest)

No other comedienne had made America laugh so hard, and no television actress had risen from radio and B movies to be one of the world’s most adored performers.

Even now, more than a quarter-century after her death, she is still remembered as one of the most enduring personalities in American comedy.

Lucille Ball | Quick Facts

Full Name Lucille Ball
Celebrated As Lucille Ball
Date of birth August 6, 1911
Death April 26, 1989
Place of birth California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Gender Female
Horoscope Leo
Religion Christian
Father Henry Durrell Ball
Mother Desiree Evelyn Hunt
Relationship Status Married
Husband Gary Morton (m. 1961; her death 1989)

Desi Arnaz (m. 1940; div. 1960)

Children Desi Arnaz Jr. , Lucie Arnaz
Height 5′ 6″
Weight 55 kg
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Education High School dropout
Profession Actress, Comedian, Model, Film Studio Executive, TV Producer
 Social Media  Twitter (tribute page)
Net worth $60 Million
Last Update May 2024

Lucille Ball | Net Worth and Income

The rebel of the entertainment industry Lucille Ball’s net worth was $60 million at the time of her death.

Lucille Ball garnered numerous significant accolades throughout her life, and she amassed a sizable wealth as a result of her multifaceted career.

Ball had made millions when Desilu Productions was sold for $122 million in today’s values in 1967.

People still enjoy watching I Love Lucy, despite the fact that it first aired over 70 years ago.

It’s also has become a significant source of revenue for CBS, which earns $20 million a year from each broadcast.

Furthermore, the fashion diva endorsed a slew of top-tier business firms and earned a considerable fortune.

Earning From Business

Lucille was also a savvy businesswoman and the first female entrepreneur in the entertainment world.

Desi and Lucille made a deal that granted them control of their own program.

In 1957, they sold their programs to CBS for $4.5 million, which is equivalent to $40 million today.

They used the money toward starting their own production firm. Lucille paid $2.5 million for Desi’s half in the company in 1962.

Five years later, she sold the entire firm to Gulf+Western for $17 million, or $130 million in today’s money.

Lucille Ball Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s explore Lucille Ball’s net worth is in different currencies, including cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 52,983,900
Pound Sterling £ 44,147,100
Australian Dollar A$ 83,437,620
Canadian Dollar C$ 75,131,700
Indian Rupee ₹ 4,472,652,000
BitCoin ฿ 1545.69

Lucille Ball | Houses and Cars


The queen of comedy purchased her first-ever Hollywood home before meeting Desi Arnaz.

The residence is located in West Hollywood, California, and is advertised for $1.75 million by Rhonda Kohn of Keller Williams Realty.

Around the time she got a deal with RKO Radio Pictures, Lucy rented the house.

The Lucy house is one of Palm Springs’ oldest Hollywood celebrity hideaway residences. It is affectionately known as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s vacation house.


The classic woman was a fan of vintage vehicles and spent a fortune on her collections.

Lucille Ball owned a 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5 sedan that she was very fond of.

She had the automobile till she died in 1989, and it was one of several she had at the time.

The automobile is on display at the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum in Lucy’s hometown of Jamestown, New York.

Ball’s son-in-law Laurence Luckinbill gave the Mercedes to the museum.

Lucille Ball | Lifestyle

Lucille Ball’s net worth at the time of her death in 1989 was a massive $60 million.

Lucy was one of the most fashionable women of her era. She is regarded as the epitome of elegance and charm.

The gorgeous woman was married to Desi Arnaz, but their marriage did not work out. She married Gary Morton afterward.

Lucy was with Gray until her death in 1989. She was the mother of four children.

Lucille With Her Husband (Source: Pinterest)

Lucy was fond of flowers, and she had created a gorgeous garden in her Hollywood home. She always adored staying with flowers and caring for them in her spare time.

Similarly, she liked painting and playing in the water.

Lucy enjoyed a little bit of magic in the world before leaving it.

Lucille Ball | Charity

The most enticing woman had a heart that matched her personality. She always sought solace in charitable and philanthropic pursuits.

Lucille was constantly concerned about underprivileged children and their needy moms. She also volunteered for several projects promoting women’s empowerment.

Similarly, the kind woman supported various education and health-related concerns that impacted many individuals.

As an active philanthropist, she also donated the profits from her business to other charity organizations on many occasions.

She collaborated with various philanthropic organizations on fund-raising events and campaigns.

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Lucille Ball | Movies, Investments, Endorsements and Books

Movies and TV Shows

Lucy was a moderately successful model, and a poster in which she appeared drew the attention of Hollywood studios to her.

Her charm earned her roles in Roman Scandals, Blood Money, Kid Millions, and others.

Lucy stayed in Hollywood and had increasingly larger roles in a string of films, including Carnival, Stage Door, Room Service, Five Came Back, and Too Many Girls.

She earned major roles in The Big Street, Du Barry Was a Lady, Without Love, Ziegfeld Follies, and Sorrowful Jones and Fancy Pants, both with Bob Hope.

Lucille Ball Net Worth- lucy-in-I-Love-Lucy
Lucy In Love Lucy (source: Pinterest)

Ball and her then-husband founded Desilu Productions, and they premiered I Love Lucy, a television comedy series, in October 1951.

The show, which starred the two of them in a comic version of their own life, was an instant smash, and it remained at or near the top of the TV ratings for several years.

During this time, Ball also appeared in several comedies, including The Long, Long Trailer.


Ball became the first female boss of a major Hollywood production business after more than a decade of revolutionary work and A-list success in Hollywood.

She co-founded the production firm Desilu production with Arnaz Diaz.

And she had risen to the position of the first lady at the head of the production firm.

After their divorce, Lucy bought a stake in Desiluproduction and took over in 1962.

Among the successful shows created by the company during its 17-year span were Star TrekMission: Impossible, The Untouchables, and I Love Lucy.

However, the company was later sold and merged with Paramount Pictures.

Lucy continued to pursue an acting career while running her production until her death.


Before becoming famous for her roles in films and television shows, Ball began her career as a model in the 1930s, working for New York designer Hattie Carnegie.

With her charisma and elegance, Lucy drew the attention of several fashion and beauty businesses.

She even served as a brand ambassador for several high-end fashion labels such as Dior, Channel, and many more.

Her stint in the fashion business is likely to have had an impact on the star’s style, particularly her casual American style.”

In the 1950s, she frequently wore the fashionable fit-and-flare style, evocative of Dior’s New Look, which also set the trend for all the fashionistas out there.

Lucille Ball’s net worth at the time of her death was a staggering $60 million.

Bok Publications

Lucille Ball has left memoirs for her followers called Love Lucy.

Lucy’s memoir is a loving, insightful, and entertaining look at her life. It is a New York Best Sellers.

Lucille Ball Net Worth- Lucy-Ball-Book
Lucy Ball Book (Source: Amazon)

The autobiography, written by Ball herself, includes intimate memories of her and Desi’s children, the events that led to the breakdown of her first marriage, and how Ball found love again with her second husband, Gary Morton.

Love Lucy is a must-read for everybody who adored Lucy since it was written by Lucy herself in her own word.

Lucille Ball | Career

When she was twelve, she began performing and instantly fell in love with the theater.

However, she couldn’t continue her passion due to some health issues. In 1932, a healed Lucille Ball returned to New York City to restart her acting career.

After that then she ruled the entire Hollywood with her charm and her brilliance.

She paved the path for women to hold high-ranking roles in the entertainment sector when males were the only ones in power.

I Love Lucy’s continuing popularity has even resulted in the establishment of National I Love Lucy Day. It takes place every year on October 15 to honor Lucille.

She was one of the most popular actresses of her time, winning nearly every professional award imaginable.

Ball impacted generations of comedians, and her fame has lasted well into the twenty-first century.

Interesting Facts About Lucille Ball

  • Desi and Lucy were the first interracial couple to appear on television. Lucy asked that her then-husband, Cuban-American actor Desi Arnaz, be cast as her onscreen partner before the program began filming.
  • Lucy was a brunette in her early photographs before she made a huge breakthrough in the comedy industry.
  • She was the first pregnant actress to appear on television as a pregnant woman.


What happened to Lucille Ball’s estate after her death?

Her property was divided between her two children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr., and her second husband, Gary Morton, when she passed.

After Ball’s death, Morton married pro golfer Susie McAllister, and when he died, he bequeathed Ball’s possessions to McAllister.

When and how did Lucille Ball pass away?

Ball died of a ruptured aorta after open-heart surgery on April 26, 1989, at the age of 77.

Is Lucille Ball a genuine redhead?

While Lucille Ball is one of Hollywood’s most well-known redheads, the bright hue was not her natural hair color.

The I Love Lucy star was born a brunette, but hairdresser Sydney Guilaroff initially changed her into a redhead.

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