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Meet Lucy DeCinque Husband To Be Ben Byrne, Kids Family And Net Worth

Ben Byrne is Lucy DeCinque’s husband-to-be after he proposed to Lucy and her sister.

Two identical twins, Lucy and Anna DeCinque from Australia, will marry the same man, Ben Byrne.

Sisterly bonds are undoubtedly tricky to break, but few are as strong as those between identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque, who enjoy being as similar as possible. Sisters from Perth named Anna and Lucy DeCinque have been dating an electrician named Ben Byrne for the past ten years.

Ben proposed to the girls during a romantic park picnic in the most recent episode of TLC’s Extreme Sisters, much to their surprise and delight. He gave each sister a small box containing a sizable diamond ring after he proposed.

Meet Lucy DeCinque Husband To Be Ben Byrne

Ben Byrne, the “husband-to-be” of Lucy DeCinque, is an electrical mechanic from Australia. Being a fraternal twin, he was better able to comprehend the connection between his girlfriends, which is said to have been a significant factor in the development of their relationship.

Perth twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque get engaged to the same man.
Perth twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque get engaged to the same man. (Source: nzherald.co.nz)

Two’s a Company; three’s a crowd is not true of the relationship between “Extreme Sisters” stars Anny and Lucy DeCinque and their boyfriend, Ben Byrne. 

While it is common for siblings to share things, the DeCinque twins appear to take things further by having the same boyfriend.

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Ben said that Anna and Lucy meant the world to him and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with them when he proposed to the twin sisters.

Lucy DeCinque Kids: When Will They Start A Family?

 Although Lucy DeCinque and her sister don’t have any kids, they have not given up on their hopes of becoming mothers simultaneously and with the same man.

Extreme Sisters” Anna and Lucy Want to Start a Family with their husband-to-be. (Source: thecinemaholic.com)

The sisters claimed they haven’t taken pregnancy tests yet but are eager to have twins. The sisters and Ben were seen in the TLC program taking a pregnancy test. Sadly, the outcome was negative.

Anna and Lucy, who play the Extreme Sisters, want to be able to raise a family and do everything else together in the future. Ben confesses that he would adore a family and believes the twin sisters would make “good mothers.” Everybody agrees that they want to have a certain number of children.

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The twins are aware that no matter what occurs in the future, they will always have one another, even though they may not be able to control everything that happens.

 Lucy DeCinque Net Worth In 2024 Revealed

The combined net worth of Anna and Lucy DeCinque is thought to be $1 million.

A creator can easily make around $45,000 a year with a YouTube channel the size of the two sisters. Their large Instagram following also probably contributes to their increased income, as influencers with a similar following to the twins typically earn $50,000.

Each sponsored post would bring in between $500 and $2000 for a creator like them. Depending on the type of message required, the DeCinques offer three Cameo services for $10, $200, and $700, respectively.

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Because of their attachment, Anna and Lucy have always wanted to be together and work together. Two of them once spent seven years at the same nursing home. 


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