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Lucy Meacock Illness And Health Update: Why Is She Not On Granada Reports Now?

Lucy Meacock illness and health situation have raised concern among her fans and viewers. How is she doing, and where is she now?

The English journalist and presenter work for ITV Granada, the ITV franchise for the North West of England and the Isle of Man. 

One of the leading and long-term female news presenters of Granada Reports, Meacock celebrated 30 years with the program in November 2018.

She has won two BAFTA TV Awards for her work at the program, one for her coverage of the Hillsborough disaster.

Before working for ITV, Lucy began her career at the Chester Chronicle, followed by BBC Radio Newcastle.

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Lucy Meacock Illness And Health Update: She Is Doing Well

Lucy Meacock appears to be not doing completely fine. Although she did not disclose her health problem, she mentioned that she has not been doing well.

Unfortunately, she has a family history of terminal illnesses. Her mom, diagnosed with bone cancer in her 50s, passed away while Lucy was still in her 20s.

Since there was no hospice in her hometown of Chester then, Lucy is a staunch supporter and admirer of these establishments.

Two years after her mom died, her dad was also diagnosed with terminal cancer. He died soon after, despite all of their efforts. Lucy was still in her 20s.

An old picture of Lucy with her dad and sister. (Source: ITV)

Lucy is now an advocate for cancer treatment and became an ambassador for Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s North West appeal in 2011.

Why Is Lucy Meacock Not On Granada Reports Now?

Lucy Meacock, 61, has been missing from Granada Reports for some time. There’s good news for her fans – she is set to be back at the program this Wednesday, January 25.

Her tweets and posts show that she is delighted to be back. We know the feeling is mutual for her fans and viewers alike.

While we do not know the exact reason behind her absence, we hope to find out soon and are glad to have her back after a long break.

Lucy Meacock with Tony Wilson on Granada Reports. (Source: Manchester Evening News)

Lucy’s colleague Tony Morris recently died due to kidney cancer. After a bad experience with the illness in her family, she might have been mentally disturbed by the news.

A lead anchor on Granada Reports since 1998, Lucy has won several industry awards for her journalism.

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Lucy Meacock Was Also Absent From The Show In 2021

The popular presenter previously had her fans concerned when she went missing from the screen for about three months in 2021.

Lucy returned to Granada Reports after her long absence from the ITV show. She resumed her presenting duties but did not disclose the reason behind her absence.

Viewers were worried over the past months, many turning to social media to find her whereabouts.

Fortunately, she appeared back in Granada on June 2 alongside her co-host Gamal Fahnbulleh.

When introducing the show, Lucy said, “Hello, a hot welcome from Granada Reports; it’s great to be back.”

She also thanked everyone for all their “lovely messages” during her absence, with relieved fans welcoming her back on social media.

One fan wrote, “We have missed you; you are always like a breath of fresh air…you are @GranadaReports and so loved by everyone in the North West.”

Another said, “The sun is shining, and Lucy is back; the world is much better. Welcome back, Lucy; we’ve missed you.”

It’s still unclear why she took a break and how her health situation is at the moment. We hope that everything is well with her.

Lucy Meacock Returns To ITV Granada Reports

Lucy Meacock
After a lengthy absence, Lucy Meacock returns to ITV Granada Reports with a health update. (Source: Liverpool Echo)

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