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Luke Tyler Death And Obituary: Why Did WSU Student Commit Suicide?

Luke Tyler death news has been a top-discussed topic on the Internet. Tyler was a student at WSU.

Luke Tyler was found dead on his dorm on January 22; Police were called after discovering the student’s dead body. 

The investigation continued after the day Tyler was found dead; everyone at the University was shocked to hear the news of his death. 

Washington State University shared condolences to Tyler’s family and a tribute for the freshman of the University who died on January 22, 2023, in his room. 

The death cause was unknown when he was first found in his room, the investigation went on for some time, and the reason behind his passing was revealed. 

Read further to learn more about his demise and its cause. This article will include everything you need about WSU student Luke Tyler. 

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Luke Tyler Death And Obituary

According to Assistant Chief Dawn Daniels of the WSU Police department, on January 22, officers were called to Perham Hall on the Pullman campus at approximately 1:30 pm.

Following their response, Tyler was discovered deceased in his dorm room. The first one to find his body was his friends, who mentioned that he had been doing fine the day before his demise. 

Luke Morgan Tyler, 19, was found dead in his WSU dorm room on January 22.
Luke Morgan Tyler, 19, was found dead in his WSU dorm room on January 22. (Image Source: Fox News)

Tyler’s family released a statement after his death, “As we are preparing for Luke Tyler’s Celebration of Life, we continue to be touched by the immense outpouring of support and love for the family, as well as the recognition of the impact on the many lives that Luke touched,” 

Per the sources, a memorial service for Tyler will occur at 2 pm on March 4 at the Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Kirkland.

Why Did WSU Student Luke Tyler Commit Suicide?

After the tragedy, many questioned how did Luke Tyler die? As per Whitman County Coroner Annie Pillers, he died from a lethal combination of alcohol and anxiety medications. 

Later it was discovered that it was a suicide case, but why did he took his own life has not been disclosed yet. 

But Tyler’s family mentioned that after joining the first semester, he went from a positive, compassionate, and kind young man to a depression. He looked off when he came home; his family said it was not like a typical day.

College Hill community gathers to remember Luke Tyler.
College Hill community gathers to remember Luke Tyler. (Image Source: The Daily Evergreen)

Tyler also shared about breaking down with his close friends, and he was a member of Theta Chi. 

So, people have guessed that he commented suicide because of his mental health; it clearly showed that he was not okay with his health condition. 

According to the WSU Police department, KREM 2 has verified that the investigation of Luke’s death remains ongoing. 

Furthermore, Becky Roe, the family’s lawyer, has revealed that Pullman Police are conducting a separate investigation into Theta Chi for potential hazing activities.

This development came after an online petition claimed that Luke had been hazed before his passing.

Hopefully, the truth behind his death will be revealed in public soon. His family has not been okay with the investigation by Police and the reason behind his death. 

Although it has been almost a month since his death, the investigation is ongoing, and his family has been fighting for him. 

Tyler’s family and friends said he was an adorable and friendly guy; he was more into his fitness and took his fitness very seriously. 

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