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Is Noah Syndergaard Madisyn Shipman Boyfriend? Leaks & Scandal

Madisyn Shipman is now famous for being a Playboy model and posing quite questionably for the magazine. She is currently in talks about her music video with Madisyn Shipman boyfriend, a famous MLB pitcher.

Madisyn Shipman is a former Nickelodeon actor who won the hearts of many with her sweet character portrayal of Kenzie Bell’ in the show Game Shakers.

Currently, not only the Playboy shoot but she is also known for her evolving music career.

She is a young musician with a lot of potential in the music industry.

Talking about her music career, it is natural for musicians to express their personal life details through their music.

Madisyn Shipman Boyfriend: Video Hinting Romance With Noah Syndergaard?

Madisyn has done something similar, which has left fans wondering about her dating life.

It is not the first time an artist has tried to give hints about their love life through their music videos.

A recent music video of Madisyn’s new song Baseball Games suggests that she might be dating a famous MLB pitcher.

Madisyn Shipman Boyfriend
The new music video of Madisyn is creating a lot of buzz. (Source: Instagram)

But the assumptions are not coming out of nowhere, Madisyn has surely given some hints.

The model who portrays the MLB pitcher in the music video has striking similarities with Noah.

Noah Syndergaard’s first thing that people notice about him is his shiny blonde hair.

The model in the video has almost the same hair as Noah.

Not only that, the MLB pitcher’s sense of jewellery and his unique chains are also very famous.

The mark on Noah’s neck left by his unique chains was in the spotlight a few months ago, leaving many fans gushing about him.

Noah Syndergaard
The resemblance between the male model and Noah Syndergaard is uncanny. (Source: Instagram)

In the music video, the model is seen wearing a similar type of piece of jewelry and chains.

This cannot just be a coincidence, but we can only be sure after the artist decides to come straightforward.

Another hint that Madisyn left for the fans to wonder is the number 34 reference.

This is such a sure-shot hint referencing Noah Syndergaard because, in his baseball career, Noah has only been number 34.

It is the Baseball pitcher’s main number from the beginning of his career.

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Fueling Speculation About Madisyn Shipman & Noah Syndergaard’s Relationship

Not only are these music video hints, but the interaction between Madisyn and Noah on Instagram is fueling the fire.

There is definitely some chemistry going on between Madisyn Shipman and her alleged boyfriend, Noah Syndergaard.

The beautiful Madisyn is gaining a lot of popularity after her new release. (Source: Instagram)

The subtle but obvious hints in Madisyn’s music video may be a sign that the former Nickelodeon star is ready to come public about her relationship.

Despite the name and the face of the MLB pitcher not being shown in the music video, many are guessing that it might be Noah Syndergaard.

Both of them being extremely famous might make the relationship a very public topic.

Most famous people avoid showing their love life in public because of judgments.

Often celebrity relationships are influenced by public opinions and unnecessary speculations.

So it may take a while for Madisyn Shipman and her alleged boyfriend, Noah Syndergaard to fully admit they are dating each other.

Till then, let us enjoy the fun hints from both parties. They definitely are having fun teasing their fans.

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