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Maegan Hall Kids With Her Husband Jedidiah- Tennessee Cop Arrest And Charge

People are interested in learning more about Maegan Hall Kids With Her Husband Jedidiah as The renegade Police officer, Maegan Hall, was fired after having six affairs at work.

Maegan Hall’s husband, Jedidiah, confronted his wife about adultery and is now “working to restore his marriage.”

The spouse of a rogue Police officer who engaged in numerous flings with coworkers at the office is supporting his wife.

Maegan Hall, 26, was fired from her position as a Police officer in La Vergne, Tennessee, after engaging in sexual activity with six of her male coworkers, including having oral sex with one of them while on the job, despite claiming to be in an “open marriage.”

However, according to an internal probe, Jedidiah Hall, the pastor’s son, apparently “wasn’t really on board” with the plan and ultimately confronted his four-year-old wife for infidelity.

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Maegan Hall Kids With Her Husband Jedidiah

Maegan looks pretty secretive regarding her personal information, like Maegan Hall Kids, as the Police officer has yet to reveal much information about them.

We know that Meagan and Jedidiah married in November 2018 after dating since their days in college.

Maegan Hall Kids
Maegan Hall with her husband. (Source: Daily Star)

Sadly, no information about her husband was found as the Police have not released much information regarding Maegan Hall Kids and her husband as the case is still open.

Additionally, the couple purchased their first House together in March of last year in Manchester, Tennessee, located 60 miles south of Nashville.

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Tennessee Cop Arrest And Charge

Officer Maegan Hall is allegedly accused of engaging in bizarre sexual acts with her coworkers, including sending sexual images, removing her top at a “Girls Gone Wild” hot tub Party, and even engaging in oral sex with two other officers at the La Vergne, Tennessee, Police station, according to WTVF TV.

A December internal investigation found that Sgt. Hall’s seductive behavior, which included bragging about the size of one partner’s genitalia and claiming to be in an “open marriage,” led to the termination of Sgt. Lewis Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, Sgt. Ty McGowan and Detective Seneca Shields as well.

Two further Police officers, Patrick Magliocco and Larry Holladay, who are suspected of having affairs with Hall, reportedly kept their jobs but were ultimately suspended, according to the sources.

The adulterous encounters took place on a boat, at parties at the residences of other officials, and in hotels. Additionally, according to the internal report from December 28, Hall had oral sex with Powell and Shields while working at the Police gym and station.

Maegan Hall 2
Officer Patrick Magliocco (left) and his wife and Hall consented to play in a threesome. (Source: Daily Star)

Investigators began looking into the promiscuous officers’ chaotic personal lives after La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole received information that Hall was having adulterous affairs with numerous other Police officers and having a threesome with Magliocco and his wife, among other things.

According to the story, Magliocco admitted to having sex with Hall on “several occasions” when asked about the tip.

He told detectives, per the report, that Hall had notified him about Powell’s “big black d-k” and that she had had sex with him while they were both at work.

The newspaper alleged that Magliocco claimed to have seen a kiss between Hall and Holladay as they watched football at a Party. He also stated that after learning of their “open marriage,” Hall kissed his wife, Amy.

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