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Maksim Kuzminov Wikipedia Bio And Age – How Did The Pilot Die?

The deceased man found shot dead in Spain is believed to be the Russian helicopter pilot, Maksim Kuzminov, who switched sides to Ukraine last year.

In August, Maxim Kuzminov flew a helicopter into Ukrainian territory and surrendered himself.

While Spanish police have not officially confirmed his identity, Ukrainian intelligence confirmed Kuzminov’s death on Monday.

A spokesperson told Ukrainian media outlet Ukrayinska Pravda: “We confirm his death… He chose to relocate to Spain instead of staying here. What we know is that he invited his ex-spouse to join him and was then discovered dead.”

Spanish authorities suspect the victim may have been using a false identity.

According to Spanish news agency Efe, Kuzminov’s body was discovered near a property in Villajoyosa on Spain’s eastern coast, alongside documents matching his nationality but with a different name.

According to the intelligence agency’s press service, a burnt car, believed to have been used by the attackers, was discovered nearby.

Reportedly, Kuzminov had contacted the Ukrainian secret service last year to inform them of his decision to defect.

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Maksim Kuzminov Wikipedia Bio

Maxim Kuzminov was a young helicopter pilot in the Russian military who found himself conflicted when ordered to deploy to Ukraine.

Originally from Syzran, he had graduated from flight school with dreams of serving his country honorably.

However, studying the complex history between Russia and Ukraine led Kuzminov to sympathize more with the Ukrainian side.

Though not sent to combat zones, his transport missions still supported the occupation.

Maksim Kuzminov Wikipedia
On Tuesday, Maksim Kuzminov, dressed in black, made an appearance at a press briefing in Ukraine (Source: Mint)

Kuzminov desperately wanted to resign rather than enable the invasion, but pilots who stepped down were threatened with reassignment to dangerious infantry duty.

Feeling trapped by circumstances, in early 2024 he disappeared from his airbase in southern Russia.

His ultimate fate remains unknown, but his quiet defiance speaks to the secret doubts of many Russian servicemen.

Maksim Kuzminov Age – How Did The Pilot Die?

Maksim was born on 1995, as of now, 2024, 29 years old. 

In a shocking turn of events, Maxim Kuzminov, the Russian military helicopter pilot who dramatically defected to Ukraine last August, has been assassinated on Spanish soil.

Kuzminov safely flew his Mi-8 aircraft to Ukraine and was granted asylum, only to meet a violent demise months later in mysterious circumstances.

According to Ukrainian and Spanish media reports on February 19th, Kuzminov’s lifeless body, riddled with bullet holes, was discovered in an underground parking garage in the quiet coastal town of Villajoyosa.

Maksim Kuzminov Wikipedia
According to a source in Ukrainian intelligence, Maxim Kuzminov had the option to stay in Ukraine following his defection, but he opted to leave for another location (Source: CNN)

Spain’s national news agency EFE confirmed the remains belonged to none other than the young fugitive pilot now living under a pseudonym with Ukrainian travel documents.

A spokesperson for Ukraine’s military spy agency told Reuters they could verify Kuzminov had been killed in the country but withheld specifics about his apparent murder.

Spanish police found the body of a gunshot victim in the town of Villajoyosa but did not reveal the person’s identity because they may have been living there illegally under a false name.

While the killers and their exact reasons are unknown, the nature of the deadly shooting suggests a professional assassination likely tied to Kuzminov’s earlier defiance of Russia by defecting to Ukraine.

His decision to flee had embarrassed Moscow; it seems Russia’s security forces tracked down and killed the pilot in Spain to send a harsh warning about what happens to those seen as betraying the homeland. 

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