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[JJK] Malevolent Shrine vs Infinite Void: Which Domain Will Devour Other?

The debate about which domain will devour between Malevolent Shrine vs Infinite Void is heating up. Fans eagerly wait to reveal the truth about which might be the stronger.

The world of Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen primarily runs on Cursed Energy. Nearly every character in the series uses this to fight other sorcerers.

Domain Expansions in Jujutsu Kaisen boost user’s abilities and makes attacks hard to dodge. It also traps opponents inside.

This ability is deemed quite rare among Jujutsu Sorcerers, with only a select few highly skilled individuals capable of wielding it.

In total, there have been nine instances of domain expansion, each possessing its own distinct power.

However, people are mostly curious about the two strongest ones. They’re debating which is stronger: Malevolent Shrine Vs Infinite Void.

Who Uses Malevolent Shrine And Infinite Void?

Before Knowing the winner of the Malevolent Shrine vs Infinite Void, let’s find out what they are.

True to its name, Malevolent Shrine resembles an evil-looking building hosting a demon resident, Sukuna.

What makes Malevolent Shrine special is that it doesn’t need a barrier to work. Unlike other domain expansions, Sukuna can make it real and still ensure it hits the target.

Additionally, this technique can stretch over a wide area of about 200 meters, as seen in the Shibuya Arc.

Malevolent Shrine is one of the most mysterious but definitely potent Domain Expansions in the whole series.

use of infinite void and Malevolent Shrine manga chapter
Gojo’s infinite Void and Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine (Source: Reddit)

On the flip side, Infinite Void is also one of the most complex and mighty domains in the series. It’s owned by none other than Satoru Gojo.

This domain expansion allows Gojo to generate a space made entirely of emptiness, essentially creating a void.

As a result, when this power is used, the target gets instantly frozen and can’t think or move at all. Anyone near the void is affected by it, except if they touch Gojo directly.

Clearly, this technique is super strong and almost impossible for anyone in the series to fight against.

Until now, people could only make guesses about who would win: Malevolent Shrine Vs Infinite Void. But after the battle, they were certain.

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Which domain expansion is the strongest? Malevolent Shrine Vs Infinite Void

Malevolent Shrine is tough to destroy because it doesn’t have a regular barrier, which makes it very powerful.

On the other hand, Infinite Void is also known to be extremely dangerous, even for highly skilled fighters.

People were eager to find out which of these domain expansions would turn out to be stronger.

Finally, in the fight between Satoru and Sukuna, after many clashes, they finally used domain expansion. This is where we find the winner: Malevolent Shrine Vs Infinite Void.

Malevolent Shrine vs Infinite Void
Sukuna and Gojo battle using Malevolent Shrine and Infinite Void (Source: ArtStation)

During the duel, Infinite Void was just as powerful as Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine.

But Malevolent Shrine’s open barrier made it able to overpower and destroy Infinite Void, showing it had a much greater range.

Once Satoru regained his cursed technique, he expanded Infinite Void again. This time, he demonstrated how to change the conditions of his domain.

Initially, Infinite Void resisted the Malevolent Shrine, giving Satoru a chance to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Sukuna.

However, Sukuna adjusted Malevolent Shrine, neutralizing its guaranteed hit effect and strengthening its power, ultimately overpowering Infinite Void.

They had multiple clashes, with Satoru eventually gaining the upper hand by shrinking his barrier.

Ultimately, Satoru’s Infinite Void wins over Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine, hurting Sukuna’s brain and stopping him from using his special space.

Sukuna had to summon a powerful spirit to save himself, but Satoru couldn’t use Infinite Void again.

So, the battle between Malevolent Shrine Vs Infinite Void showed that both are equally powerful. Fans are excited for what’s to come in the series. They’ll be waiting eagerly.

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