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Who Was Jayseph White, Malia White Brother? Obituary And Funeral

After tragic news regarding the brother of Malia White spread on the internet, netizens want to learn about the siblings and their relationship.

TV personality Malia White gained fame for her appearance in Below Deck Mediterranean.

She first joined the show in the second season as a deckhand but was promoted to lead deckhand before the season ended.

Further, Malia later appeared in the fifth season, where she was portrayed as a villain.

After season six of the series, Malia has not indicated returning to the show anytime soon.

Sadly, after being out of the news for a while, Malia finds herself at the center of heartbreaking news.

Information has surfaced online regarding the brother of Malia White and his untimely demise.

Who Was Jayseph White? Malia White Brother

Jayseph White was one of the six brothers who grew up with Malia White.

The White family adopted Jayseph at a young age and raised him with care and love.

With a long career in Information Technology with the Mississippi department, Jayseph was a seasoned professional.

Further, the brother of Malia White was an inspiring personality in the fitness and bodybuilding community.

Malia White with brother Jayseph
Malia remembers her brother as a kind and free spirit. (Source: Instagram)

In one of his Instagram posts from 2017, Jayseph celebrated his achievement with first place in “Battle For The Eagle.”

Despite his success in professional life, his detailed personal information is not available to the public.

Unlike Malia’s other brothers, Jayseph rarely appeared on her social media, which hints at his low-key life.

Sadly, Jayseph’s last post featured his dog along with him, who he claimed was his best friend for the past nine years.

Moreover, Jayseph had calm energy and passion for his work.

Jayseph White with his girlfriend
Jayseph often posted his girlfriend on his social media. (Source: Instagram)

He dedicated his life to helping others achieve their goals and aspirations.

Likewise, his girlfriend also appeared in some of the older pictures of Jayseph during his bodybuilding championships and events.

Also, Jayseph had a good relationship with her family and even had dinners together, but their current status is unknown.

At 34, Jayseph has passed away, leaving his family and close friends with a heavy heart.

The news of his demise has created a wave of shock and disturbance among the people.

Jayseph White: Obituary, Funeral, And Cause Of Death

Malia White announced the death of her brother Jayseph White on Monday, October 9, 2023.

She announced the news via her Instagram story and post where she shared baby pictures of Jayseph.

Further, she captioned the post as,

He was truly a kind soul, willing to help anyone at a moment’s notice. This is how we’ll always remember him.

Even before the official announcement of Malia White’s brother’s death, rumors were circulating the internet.

Currently, Malia claims that Jayseph died following a battle with addiction.

However, as this is a sensitive topic, Malia hesitates to provide detailed information on her brother.

Malia brother Jayseph in front of waterfall
Jayseph enjoyed his private life by hiking and fishing. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, they plan to hold his funeral when their whole family can fly into Oregon.

As a resident of Oregon, the community released an obituary for Jayseph White.

They send their deepest condolence to the White family as they grieve the loss of their son.

Now, Malia remembers her brother as someone who loved the outdoors, especially fishing and hiking with his dog.

She also concluded her post by encouraging anyone struggling with addiction to seek help.

Malia White brother with his dog
Jayseph loved his pet, Aspen, and spent much time with her. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Malia shared several helplines and resources through her stories.

Despite her controversies on screen, Malia has always been family-oriented, and losing her brother has been hard.

Further, the star received condolences from her co-stars in the comment section.

Hopefully, fans can give Malia all the love and support she needs during this difficult time.

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