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Malti Chauhan Death And Obituary: Murder And Autopsy Report

The well-known YouTuber Malti Chauhan death was mysterious. There’s been some unexpected news from Santkabirnagar. 

The information stated that her body was discovered hanging inside the home. The cops arrived on the scene as soon as they received the information and took possession of the body. 

In addition, an investigation has been launched. The issue relates to the Mahuli police station area’s Kali Jagdishpur village. 

Malti rose to fame as a YouTuber pretty quickly. She runs two channels on YouTube. Malti’s personal channel has over 700k subscribers. 

The information states that Malti was wed to YouTuber Vishnu Raj four years prior. They both have a son as well. 

People are curious to know about them because a lover killed his married girlfriend and took his own life. Be with us till the end to know about Malti Chauhan death and obituary.

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Malti Chauhan Death And Obituary

Malti Chauhan Death case has gained the interest of people once again. This is a startling murder and suicide case that occurred in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. 

A young man shot his married girlfriend in the temple after inviting her to his business. She passed away immediately. A day later, the boyfriend passed away in the hospital. 

The murder and suicide incident happened in Mohangad village, which is under the jurisdiction of the Bhitarwar police station in Gwalior. 

There was an impression in the neighborhood following this incident. The police have filed a murder complaint against the dead youth’s parents, brother, and uncle in this instance.

Malti Chauhan Death
Malti Chauhan death has spread a fuss among the netizens, and they are seeking justice for her. (Source: Facebook)

The police said that this horrifying occurrence happened on Saturday. Married Malti Chauhan of Mohangad was shot and killed by her next-door neighbor, boyfriend Pawan Rana. 

Additionally, Pawan was admitted to a Gwalior hospital for treatment by Bhitarwar after suffering severe injuries. But Pawan also passed away during therapy after a 24-hour period. 

Autopsy Report Of Malti Chauhan

Following a post-mortem, the police gave the bodies of both victims to their relatives. However, her autopsy report has not yet been made public online.

The husband and wife had been engaged in a disagreement for the past few months. Additionally, they both posted videos about the argument on their own channels. 

The argument between the husband and wife YouTubers had come up for debate. 

Malti’s husband, Vishnu, claimed to have arranged for his wife to wed Arjun. Following that, they were living apart. A few hours earlier, Malti also uploaded a video to her channel. 

She described traveling to her in-laws’ residence and discussed her continuous argument with her husband, Vishnu. 

In a police complaint, the father of the deceased, Deepchand, charges son-in-law Vishnu with murder. 

They claim that the son-in-law murdered Malti the day before after stealing her from her mother’s house and taking her to his. 

Malti Chauhan
Malti Chauhan, a YouTuber, released her video just a few hours before she passed away, and her death was mysterious. (Source: Facebook)

He revealed that there were frequent arguments between Vishnu and Radhika as a result of Vishnu’s affair. 

In addition, she has accused Vishnu and other individuals of harassing dowries. Police reportedly detained Vishnu, the spouse of a YouTuber, according to reports in the media. 

Malti’s brother Hariom claimed that his sister had been invited to Vandana’s home, the mother of the deceased accused Pawan. 

Pawan was among those who killed Malati there. Late on Saturday night, the Bhitwar police filed a formal complaint based on information provided by Malti’s brother Hariom. 

In relation to the death of Malti, Pawan Rana’s brother Upendra Rana, uncle Umrao, mother Vandana Rana, and father Bhupendra Rana have all been charged with murder by the police. 

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