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Who Is Sheyla Aparicio Arguelles, Malu Trevejo Sister? Siblings

Malu Trevejo loves to share details of her life on Instagram, but very few know about her family. She has a sister, and she lives a life quite different from Malu Trevejo. Let’s explore who Sheyla Aparicio Arguelles is.

Maria Luisa Tevejo, famously known as Malu Trevejo, is a Cuban-American social media influencer and singer.

She started getting popular amongst the young generation after posting short videos on the Musical.ly app.

She currently has over 10 million followers on the popular social media platform Instagram.

Malu made her debut as a singer by releasing a song called ‘Luna Luna,’ which surpassed 130 million views.

Her life and family have been a topic of discussion ever since her rise to fame.

And currently, the topic of curiosity is Malu Trevejo older sister, Sheyla Aparicio Arguelles.

Malu Trevejo Sister: Who Is Sheyla Aparicio Arguelles?

Sheyla Aparico Arguelles is a 31-year-old who just recently graduated as an economist.

She lives quite a normal life, unlike her very famous sister Malu Trevejo.

Sheya with malu mom
Sheyla looks like a very cool person who can easily make friends. (Source: Instagram)

Sheyla, however, is not Malu’s real sister but could be cousins.

This can be confirmed from both of their social media; they both follow each other.

Sheyla has shared a picture on her Instagram with her mother and Malu’s mother on the frame.

By the appearance, it seems like Sheyla and Malu’s mother are actually siblings and not them.

There are no pictures of Malu Trevejo and her cousin’s sister together, but it appears that Sheyla is quite close with Malu’s mother.

By the looks of her Instagram, what we can also know is that she is a very fun-loving person who loves adventures.

She also often shares pictures of exploring different cities and places all around the world.

Sheyla graduation
Sheyla’s educational journey is really inspiring and one of dedication. (Source: Instagram)

Sheyla shares her love for swimming through many of her Instagram stories.

She is also very fond of pets and has her own dog, which got its name after the famous high-end brand ‘Gucci.’

In Malu’s social media, we can hardly see glimpses of her family, but Sheyla’s is filled with fun moments with them.

On closer look, Sheyla quite resembles her younger cousin sister Malu Trevejo, especially in her younger days.

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Sheyla Aparicio Arguelles: From Sunny Beach Days to Graduation 

Sheyla likes to often go to beaches and enjoys her days under the sun wearing bikinis.

She made a fun comment on turning 30 last year by writing, “30s is the new 20s with 10 years of more experience.”

It also comes to light that Sheyla has a lot of friends who are rooting for her.

They were showing their support for her by congratulating her on her graduation post.

It was a long journey of hard work and dedication for her to finally get her certificates.

Malu Trevejo Sister
Malu and Sheyla both have never interacted online but follow each other. (Source: Instagram)

She is now a fully certified economist with 6 years of education from the ‘Alma Mater.’

Sheyla gives very lowkey and a girl next door vibes and has more than 2k followers watching her every post and story on Instagram.

Most of her followers come from Malu’s page, and they often comment on how different the two cousins are.

There are also many comments under her post suggesting that Malu Trevejo and her sister Shela look quite similar even though they are not literal siblings.

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