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Meet Mariah Huq Sister Lake: Wikipedia, Age, And Career

With a popular reality show, Mariah Huq has been in the industry for a long time, raising curiosity about her family and sister.

Mariah Huq, born October 22, 1978, is a former Public Affairs News anchor and producer.

She is also the mastermind and executive producer behind Marriage to Medicine.

The show focuses on the personal and professional lives of several women in Atlanta involved in medical fields.

Being married to an emergency physician, Huq had the idea to show viewers the balance between family and careers.

Further, Huq, along with her sister, runs two successful businesses.

This has made people curious about Mariah Huq and her relationship with her sister.

Meet Mariah Huq Sister Lake: Wikipedia And Age

Lakeeda Kelley, popularly known as Lake, is the sister of Mariah Huq.

Despite her successful brands, Lake Kelley does not have a Wikipedia page.

However, social media handles provide some information about the sister of Mariah Huq and her life.

Mariah beside her sister Lake Kelley
Both Mariah and Lake are hardworking moms inspiring many across the world. (Source: Instagram)

Lake Kelly lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she works as a senior healthcare recruiter and a business owner.

Further, she grew up in a Christian household with Mariah Huq with loving and hardworking parents.

Lake attended Georgia State University for her studies, which has aided her career.

Currently, Lake is active on her social media pages, constantly sharing pictures of herself and her sons.

She has over 2k followers on Instagram and is also present on Linkedin.

Followers love seeing a glimpse of her life with her children through these platforms.

Mariah sister Lake looks stunning
Lake Kelley has built a successful life along with her sons. (Source: Instagram)

Despite suffering from preeclampsia during her pregnancy, Lake is now living a healthy life.

The condition can lead to other difficulties later; however, Lake does not seem to suffer from any illness.

With businesses like Jewel and Jem, a multicultural children’s bedding company, Lake Kelley has a successful lifestyle.

Moreover, she has her sister Mariah Huq as her business partner, five years younger than Lake.

The sisters seem to have a healthy relationship as they share pictures of each other during birthdays.

Despite her past relationships and marriage, Lake has worked hard to build a life she can be proud of.

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Lake Kelley: Career And Personal Life

Lake Kelley has managed to handle both professional and family life excellently.

After her beeding business, she appeared at SHE Expo For Women, sharing personal entrepreneurial experiences.

Further, Lake is also a leadership and sales coach and a regional sales trainer.

Lake Kelley with her children
Lake divorced her husband after a cheating scandal. (Source: Instagram)

While working at AJC Media, Lake developed customized sales training for all marketing departments.

In addition, she received a LINK award for securing a 3 million digital media sales contract.

Likewise, Lake has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt license from her university.

Her company gains revenue, profits and efficiency with her skills and knowledge.

Moreover, Lake advocates for causes like disaster relief, human rights, poverty, and social welfare.

In the past, Lake was a topic of discussion in the TV show Married to Medicine.

Lake Kelley poses with sister Mariah Huq
Lake Kelley has a deep respect for her sister and family. (Source: Instagram)

Her husband cheated on her with Quad Webb, who appeared on the show alongside Mariah.

Moreover, this tore apart Mariah and Quad’s close friendship that bloomed throughout the show.

When Lake learned about the cheating, she pulled into Quad’s residence with a police report.

The affair broke Lake’s heart and her marriage, and she got divorced in 2012.

Despite this, the pair resumed living together for their first child, and that’s when Lake got pregnant again. Her relationship status is currently unknown as she has kept it a secret for a long time.

Nonetheless, Lake Kelley and Mariah Huq inspire working moms worldwide.

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