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Meet Mariah Lynn Sister Victoria Ramos: Baddies East cast siblings

With the new season of Baddies East, viewers’ attention has shifted to Mariah Lynn as many search for details of her family, including her sister.

The reality TV program Baddies East debuted on the Zeus Network in 2023.

Baddies East features a cast of original and new baddies as they bring drama and entertainment to the East Coast.

Further, viewers expected conflicts, confrontations, and surprises as the characters faced new challenges.

With intensity out of the roof, people were pleased to find their favorite, Mariah Lynn, on the show.

Now, they are invested in the celebrity’s personal life, including the family and sister of Mariah Lynn.

Who Is Mariah Lynn Sister, Victoria Ramos? Baddies East Actor Siblings

As a famous TV personality, it is natural that people are curious to learn more about the sister of Mariah Lynn.

Born July 17, 1990, Mariah Lynn Arujo, popularly recognized as Mariah Lynn, grew up in Jersey City.

Further, she was born to her father, Raphael Araujo, and mother, Tasha Jacoby Araujo.

Victoria Ramos, sister of Mariah
Mariah took care of her siblings after her parents split. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Mariah is the oldest of the four siblings in the Araujo household, riddled with family problems.

Likewise, the Italian-Puerto Rican personality has a brother named Danny and two sisters named Victoria Ramos and Icelynn Jacoby.

Growing up, Mariah had to deal with several problems as her mother was an addict and spent most of her time in jail.

On the other hand, her father had been locked up several times for criminal charges.

Due to the instability of her parents, Mariah spent her childhood in several foster homes along with her siblings.

Despite such hardships, Mariah did not leave her family and acted as the dutiful daughter and older sister.

Icelynn with sister Mariah
Mariah values her time with family. (Source: Instagram)

Currently, Mariah often shares pictures with her siblings, especially Victoria.

According to her Instagram profile, the sibling seems to be a blogger by profession and a proud mom of Elias King Perez.

Similarly, Mariah helped her mother raise her youngest sibling, Icelynn.

Through her social media, Mariah Lynn gives her fans a peek into her life with her youngest sister, who is in kindergarten.

Further, the TV personality has stated that Icelynn is a source of inspiration for her career.

As a successful personality in the industry, Mariah values her family and career.

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Mariah Lynn’s Career: Passion For Rap That Took Her To New Heights

In addition to her sister and family, Mariah Lynn is very dedicated to her career.

In her early years, Mariah worked as a stripper and go-go dancer to support her family.

However, she always had a passion for rapping and started composing rhythms in her teenage years.

Unfortunately, Mariah faced a lot of rejection because of her troubled childhood.

However, her big break arrived when she appeared in the sixth season of VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Mariah Lynn ins new hairstyle
Mariah has appeared in several reality shows. (Source: Instagram)

The show was a turning point in her life, earning Mariah Lynn a lot of fame and money.

Moreover, her journey on the show made several headlines and played a major role in her rise as a performer.

Similarly, Mariah’s romantic association with singer James R in the show garnered her more attention.

Meanwhile, the reality star debuted her rap with the Once Upon a Time track, which DJ Self promoted.

Over the years, Mariah has released singles like Physical, Too Much Money, and Peep Me Tonight.

Now, with her recent appearance in Baddies East, Mariah continues to make waves in the entertainment industry.

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