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Marie Antoinette Affair: Queen of France And Axel Fersen Were Rumored To Be Lovers

Marie Antoinette Affair is among the most renowned french love affair as the Queen of France, And Axel Fersen was Rumored To Be Lovers

Marie Antoinette Josèphe Jeanne was France’s final monarch before the French Revolution. 

She was the last offspring and most youthful daughter of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I and was born an archduchess of Austria.

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When she married Louis-Auguste, the heir apparent to the French throne, in May 1770, she became dauphine of France at 14. Her husband assumed the throne as Louis XVI on May 10, 1774, and she became Queen.

Marie Antoinette Affair: Were Queen of France And Axel Fersen Rumored To Be Lovers?

Yes. The fact that the coupe de foudre was encountered at Alex de Fersen’s hands has been accepted by historians.

Marie Antoinette Affair
Marie Antoinette And Axel Fersen (Source: Youtube)

In 1774, the Dauphin of France crowned King Louis XVI of France, and Marie Antoinette was crowned Queen of France. According to most historical sources, their marriage was unhappy.

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The King’s interests were vastly different from those of his Queen. He relished hunting, silence, and solitude. She was interested in the arts, fashion, dancing, and politics.

Von Fersen was summoned to Sweden by the Swedish government in 1784. While serving his own King Gustav III, most historians agree that Count von Fersen’s loyalty was to Queen Marie Antoinette and the French monarchy.

As a representative of Sweden’s diplomatic mission, King Gustav III dispatched Axel von Fersen to Versailles in 1790.

Axel von Fersen stayed in Paris throughout 1791, and during this year, he and Queen Marie Antoinette got closer, according to some historians. 

Axel von Fersen had unrestricted access to the palace while Marie Antoinette and the Royal family were held captive at the Tuileries.

In an April 1790 letter to his sister, Countess Sophie Piper, he said, “I am a little happier, for from time to time I can see her quite freely in her apartments, and this consoles us somewhat for all the unpleasantness she has to put up with.

How Marie Antoinette And Axel Von Fersen Die? 

Axel von Fersen and Marquis de Bouille devised a scheme to assist the Royal Family in escaping from the Tuileries. 

Marie Antoinette And Axel Von during their death (Source: Globallovemuseum)

On June 20 and 21, 1791, the fugitives and von Fursen proceeded to Montmedy in northern France disguised as slaves of a Russian baroness, crowded in a carriage driven by von Fersen himself.

Montmedy was a Royalist stronghold from which the King sought to launch a counter-revolution.

On October 16, 1793, Marie Antoinette was guillotined. Count von Fersen survived the French Revolution but in 1810.

He was murdered by a Swedish mob enraged by rumors linking him to the death of the Swedish Crown Prince. Marie Antoinette and Axel von Fersen’s love endured despite their violent deaths.

What Was Her Role In The Court Of Louis XVI?

The role she played in French internal and foreign policy between Louis XVI’s accession and the outbreak of the Revolution was most likely exaggerated.

For instance, she was powerless to bring Étienne-François de Choiseul, Duc de Choiseul, back to power in 1774.

Instead of the Queen’s direct involvement, the assassination of a finance minister who was Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot, in 1776 must be attributed to the hatred of chief royal advisor Jean-Frédéric Phélypeaux, Comte de Maurepas.

As well as disagreements over French participation in the American Revolution between Turgot and foreign minister Charles Gravier, Comte de Vergennes.

Marie-Antoinette was only interested in politics to secure favors for her friends at the time, and her political influence never surpassed that of Louis XV’s royal mistresses.



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