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Marina Dalglish Wikipedia, Age: Meet Wife Of Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Dalglish, a former Scottish football player, has been in a happy marriage for a long time with Marina Dalglish, making people search his Wikipedia page as they seek to learn more about them. Let’s find out more about Kenny and his wife. 

Marina Dalglish is the wife of the famous Scottish football player Kenny Dalglish.

Sir Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish is regarded as one of Liverpool’s and Britain’s greatest football players. 

He was born on March 4, 1951, in Dalmarnock, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Kenny was born to an engineer father, Bill Dalglish, and mother, Cathy Dalglish.

Further, During his career, he made 515 appearances for Liverpool and 338 for Celtic and has won various awards. 

His awards include the Ballon d’Or, PFA Players’ Player of the Year, and so on.

Besides, He also works as the manager of different football clubs.

Moreover, Kenny married his wife Marina when he was 23 years old; since then, she has been his support. 

Let’s see what Wikipedia has about his wife, Marina Dalglish. 

Marina Dalglish Wikipedia: Everything About Her

Marina Dalglish is a homemaker and philanthropist born in 1956 in Glasgow, Scotland. 

However, her birth date, parents, and family information are not disclosed anywhere. 

Due to this reason, we do not know if she is a single child to her parents or not. 

Further, she is a 67-year-old lady who works for the welfare of the people by collecting donations. 

Besides, Marina maintains a shallow profile and has done a great job caring for her family. 

Unfortunately, in 2003, Marina was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 47. 

Kenny and Marina with the medal in Buckingham palace.
Kenny and Marina have been together for 49 years. (Source: Instagram)

She showed immense strength and successfully overcame cancer.

Moreover, Marina Dalglish and her family founded The Marina Dalglish Appeal in 2005.

Also, Marina established this Merseyside-based charity to thank those supporters who provided immense support during her treatment.

This charity has collected over £13 million to improve the lives of cancer patients.

Further, Marina Dalglish is involved in different social works; however, there is nothing about her in Wikipedia. 

Besides, Marina has opened The Marina Dalglish Center, which is not in Wikipedia yet.

Marina Dalglish Cancer unit is not on Wikipedia yet.
Marina Dalglish is a breast cancer survivor. (Source: Instagram)

This center is a healthcare science learning facility by Hugh Baird College. 

The Marina Dalglish Center is a college’s small way of recognizing Marina’s efforts towards cancer patients.

Marina mentioned that she initially resisted opening a center after her name as she liked to stay in the background.

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Kenny Dalglish And Marina Dalglish: An Inspiring Couple

Kenny Dalglish and Marina Dalglish met during his playing time and fell in love.

They tied the knot with each other on November 26, 1974.

Further, the couple has four children: Kelly Cates, Paul Dalglish, Lauren Dalglish, and Lynsey Dalglish.

Kenny and Marina with their children.
Kenny and Marina have grandkids, too. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, this inspiring couple has been together for 49 years, and their love has grown over that period.

While Kenny played for different clubs, Marina supported her to balance their personal life.

Besides, this inspiring couple also received The Lifetime Achievement award at the 2023 Pride of Sefton award.

They received the award from Neil Gokcen and Stephen Dunne from category sponsors.

Kenny and Marina with drinks.
The couple has done many social works. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the couple has been an essential part of Sefton since 1977, when they moved to Southport. 

Moreover, they have done excellent work and impacted many local people’s and their families’ lives. 

The couple had consistently helped people the most when they needed it, being selfless.

Marina and Kenny helped significantly improve cancer diagnosis, services, and support, which touched the lives of so many.

However, There is nothing about Kenny Dalglsih’s wife, Marina Dalglish, in Wikipedia.

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