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Marisia Burton Missing Case: 19-Year-Old Walt Disney World Resort Cast Found Alive

Marisia Burton has been recently in the media after her missing case was reported. She was discovered alive on January 2, 2023, after going missing while working an internship at Disney.

Burton is a native of Houston, Texas. She operated as a Cast Member at the Walt Disney World Resort” in Orlando while participating in the Disney College Program.

On December 22, 2022, she was last seen at Flamingo Crossings East, an apartment complex connected to the Disney program. 

And on December 25, Burton was reported missing in Orange County. Soon after, missing posters with details about Burton started to circulate in the media.

Her sister had said on social media that Burton described her as 5 feet 6 inches & weighing around 130 lbs, with black hair & brown eyes.

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Marisia Burton Missing Case 

Marisia Burton’s family members reported her missing case after being last seen on December 22 in Orlando, Florida.

 Her disappearance was deemed strange & they requested the public’s assistance in ensuring her safe return.

On Instagram, her family noted that losing touch with family, friends, and loved ones, especially over the holiday season, is uncharacteristic of her and is very worrying for our family.

Marisia Burton Missing Case

Burton’s family members reported her missing on December 22, 2022 (Source: Chipandoco)Further, James Fortune, a gospel musician nominated for a Grammy, tweeted her missing person poster on Twitter on December 30. 

He tweeted on Twitter she was last seen on December 22 and is 19 years old. Marisia Burton weighs 130 pounds and stands 5’6. 

Her funds of $4,000 have been lost. Her phone is going to voice mail, and all her social media has been destroyed. That is not how she acts. Detectives think she might have been a victim of trafficking. 

After filing her missing case, the news was revealed, Burton had told her sister that she would end the internship program & then risk losing her job for skipping a day of work as word of her disappearance spread.

Burton’s fellow Disney College Program interns (CPs) tweeted on social media an employee may be fired if they missed a day of work at Disney College Program without a valid excuse, even though the information still needs to be validated.

Was Marisia Burton Found Alive? 

Yes, Marisia Burton was found alive on January 3, 2023. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office reports that 19 years old Burton has been located & is safe.

Marisia Burton Missing Case

Marisia Burton was found alive on January 3, 2023 (Source: Disneytips)Marisia was with members of her family at the police station. Currently, they are debating what occurred & what will happen next. 

They still need to possess all the solutions. She continued by saying that her family probably notify them once they had all the information. 

Additionally, local officials released a statement on January 3 that Burton, who went missing in Orange County, spoke with Houston Police in person on January 2. 

She requested to be removed from the missing person’s database and that she was not missing, was safe & wanted to be. 

Marisia Burton: Was She Kidnapped?

Marisia was found safe & mentioned she was not kidnapped. 

She recently arrived at the Texas Police Department in Houston with an unknown man. She seemed to be under the influence. They were attempting to remove her from the list of missing people. 

As of now, it’s vital to highlight that as of January 4, 2023, authorities have expressed no suspicions of wrongdoing. 

Despite this, a large portion of the general public continues to be concerned & dubious due to a lack of information.

It might be advisable to hold off on posting theories regarding Burton’s condition while awaiting an update from her family & the authorities.

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