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Mark-Francis Vandelli Partner: Is He Gay? Relationship With Jade

Who is Mark-Francis Vandelli partner? Let us explore his relationship and sexual orientation and find out the facts about the rumor of him being gay.

British television personality Mark-Francis Vandelli is well-known for appearing on the E4 series Made in Chelsea in April 2011.

Mark undertook a new challenge in January 2016 when he declared his participation in the third season of “The Jump.”

Due to an unlucky injury, his time on the show was cut short, and on February 9 he withdrew. Further, his tenacity and adventurous spirit were evident despite the setback.

In the “Mark-Francis’ Big Night Out” spin-off of “Made in Chelsea,” Vandelli gave fans a special appearance.

Additionally, the spin-off further cemented his image as a well-liked reality TV star, which gave viewers a glimpse into his life away from the Chelsea scene.

Furthermore, in 2023, Mark-Francis Vandelli embarked on a brand-new journey where he joined the cast of “Celebs Go Dating” on E4.

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Who Is Mark-Francis Vandelli Partner? Is He Gay?

Talking about Mark-Francis Vandelli partner, the television personality is known for his participation in the dating show in the quest to find a partner.

Mark-Francis, currently finding love, was mostly doubted for being gay by the other contestants.

However, after dating one male and one woman, viewers were left wondering if Mark was gay and what his sexuality was.

When Vandelli begins to discuss his sexual inclinations, he becomes vulnerable. Mark is bisexual since his sexuality is fluid and he dates both men and women. 

Mark-Francis Vandelli Partner
Mark-Francis Vandelli does not have gender-specific preferences when it comes to love. (Source: Metro)

However, he admitted to the Celebs Go Dating agents that when it comes to love, he does not consider gender.

Further, Vandelli claimed that despite growing up in a relatively traditional environment, he is now much more open-minded.

In the show, he dated a female named Holly whom he finds very attractive.

In addition, as an example of embracing one’s real self, Vandelli’s openness about his sexual inclinations encourages inclusion and acceptance in society.

He has positively influenced discussions about other sexual orientations due to his visibility, and he will continue to inspire people on their own paths to self-awareness and acceptance.

Mark-Francis Vandelli has endured gay allegations for years despite not having a preference for a specific gender.

However, he is now open to love and will accept any partner regardless of their gender.

Mark-Francis Vandelli Relationship With Jade

Since April 2018, when keen-eyed followers discovered him posting images on his Instagram with an enigmatic woman named Jade, rumors have been circulating.

These pictures of the couple attending different occasions led to suspicions about their connection.

Many people questioned whether Jade was Mark’s girlfriend on social media as it was full of rumors. However, there was no official confirmation. Thus the truth remained shrouded in obscurity.

Then, in November 2020, a crucial revelation removed all doubt. Mark-Francis Vandelli wished Jade, a happy birthday on his Instagram account.

Mark-Francis Vandelli Partner
Mark-Francis Vandelli was in a relationship with Jade a long time ago. (Source: Ota Kukart)

Fans had long assumed that Mark and Jade were in a romantic relationship, and that post finally made their suspicions official.

While he openly shared his moments with Jade on social media, it’s evident that his partner valued her privacy, as she maintained a lower profile on her accounts.

Nonetheless, the glimpses we got into their life together through Mark’s posts showcased a loving and supportive relationship.

Furthermore, Mark is no longer with Jade as he went on to the dating show to find the love of his life. They broke up. However, the reason is kept a secret.

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