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Is Mark Ramsey Sick? Health Update After Moonshiner Cast News

The announcement of Mark Ramsey’s exit from the Moonshiners cast has stirred concern among fans. Speculation is rampant regarding whether Mark Ramsey is sick, whether health issues played a role in his departure, or whether there is another reason.

Mark Ramsey rose to fame as a cast member on Moonshiners, the Discovery Channel’s documentary and drama series.

Teaming up with Digger Manes, Mark Ramsey forms a dynamic duo profiting from illegal Moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains.

Ramsey, raised in East Tennessee, learned the art of Moonshine from a local expert through hands-on experience as a young man.

As the new season premieres, Mark’s mention of stepping down intrigues fans, sparking curiosity among viewers.

Amid rumors of his departure from the show, fans speculate that Mark Ramsey might be sick, adding intrigue to his decision to step down.

Is Mark Ramsey Sick? Health Update Of 2023

Rumors of Mark Ramsey leaving the show have fans concerned about his well-being, leading to speculation of him being sick.

Fans are left questioning if the exit of Mark Ramseyfrom the show is because he is sick, creating uncertainty surrounding the situation.

However, there is no information in the media about Mark Ramsey’s health conditions. Nevertheless, we hope for the best regarding his well-being.

Meanwhile, speculation about Mark Ramsey’s health grows as Moonshiners Tim Smith tweets,

“Prayers up for Mark and his family.”

Fans prayed to Mark after the sad news about his family was revealed on January 24, 2023.

mark and eric
According to the reports, the distilling duo was taken into custody and served a jail sentence. (Source: Instagram)

However, Tim’s tweet wasn’t related to Mark’s health; it was a message of condolences due to the passing away of Mark’s stepmother.

Recent media coverage shows no indication that Mark Ramsey is facing severe health issues or is sick.

Despite the tweets about Mark’s stepmother, we sincerely hope that Mark Ramsey is in good health and not sick.

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Did Mark Ramsey Leave Moonshiners? Fact Check!

Moonshiners, a crime docuseries, has amassed a large fan base due to its distinctive plot.

The series revolves around individuals engaged in the illegal production of Moonshine, an alcoholic beverage.

mark and eric looking at each other
Established in 2017, they jointly operate a shared Instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

Despite portraying illegal activities, the Discovery Channel has turned it into a reality series focused on individuals making their own Moonshine.

At their co-owned distillery, Sugarland Distilling Co., Mark Ramsey partners with his friend Digger Manes as they delve into the world of distillation.

In Moonshiners Season 12, Episode 6, Mark and Digger discover a tracking device on their truck.

Further, facing challenges in their moonshining operation, Mark has also experienced personal hardships.

In Season 12, Episode 12, Mark Ramsey discusses stepping back from his partnership with Digger as they introduce Beaz.

Eric and Mark infront of NYPD van
The news of Mark stepping down has left fans quite upset. (Source: Instagram)

Despite challenges, Mark and Digger stay put as members of the Moonshiners cast.

There’s a chance Mark might reconsider stepping down, and fans are expressing discontent with the changes Mark and Digger are considering.

However, the challenges faced by the duo in Season 12 aren’t the first time they’ve encountered issues while making Moonshine.

Therefore, unless Mark makes the statement himself, fans shouldn’t engage in speculation about his departure.

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