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Is Marshawn Lynch Hair Real? Long Hairstyle – How Did He Grow His Hair

People wonder if Marshawn Lynch’s hair is real after one of his dreadlocks came off during the Seahawks’ game.

Marshawn Lynch, a running back for the Seattle Seahawks, is known as one of the NFL’s meanest players.

The 38 year old with the moniker “Beast Mode” is more than 15 stones of solid muscle and is occasionally impossible to tackle.

Marshawn recently made headlines after he caught a pass for a first down, but the defender tore out one of his dreadlocks during the Seahawks game against the Broncos.

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Is Marshawn Lynch Hair Real?

Marshawn Lynch’s hair is not natural, and he has installed dreadlocks made from his hair.

Unfortunately, Marshawn had to lose one of his fake dreadlocks during the Super Bowl.

Marshawn Lynch Hair
Marshawn Lynch’s dreadlocks are not from his real hair. (Source: theguardian)

Lynch ran for a first down against the Denver Broncos, who defeated Seattle in the Super Bowl in February, but Broncos defender TJ Ward pulled out one of his dreadlocks as he did so.

Lynch shrugged off the discomfort of pulling his hair and retrieved his lost lock. After a Sunday incident, Lynch’s reputation in the sport has only improved.

How Did Marshawn Lynch Grow His Hair?

Marshawn Lynch did not grow his hair long; instead, he got fake dreadlocks installed.

When one of his dreadlocks got pulled off in the game, he was utterly unconcerned by this and ran back to the huddle after picking his hair up off the ground. 

Lynch was unaffected by his hair loss, even though the game was much closer than the 43-8 thrashing it had received in the Super Bowl.

The Broncos fought back to tie the game at 20-20 after taking a 17-3 lead to force overtime.

The Seahawks’ victory came from Lynch, who ran in a six-yard touchdown as part of a 128-yard, two-touchdown performance.

Marshawn Lynch’s Hair Fall Didn’t Stop Him From Winning

Lynch admitted that playing football has many ups and downs, but he doesn’t allow his emotions to get out of control. It’s just another chance for him to engage in what he enjoys.

He added that, in all honesty, he doesn’t believe anything could worry him, except for the time when one of his dreadlocks was removed from his head.

Marshawn Lynch hair
Marshawn Lynch picked up his hair from the ground (Source: USAToday)

Lynch stopped, looked down at the ground, and picked up a hair after being pushed out of bounds during one of his runs.

He said, “I lost one.” “The one I had to RIP. At home, I received a nice service.”

Same kind of situation, Andre Ellington, a running back for the Arizona Cardinals, had some of his hair pulled out during a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars last season.

Marshawn Lynch Struggled With Fame

Running back Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks revealed Monday that most people told him as a child that he wouldn’t amount to much.

And now, through his “Family First” foundation, he uses that as inspiration to support disadvantaged children in Oakland, where he was raised.

Lynch said on “The Barbershop” on 710 ESPN Seattle that he believes it is crucial to change their perspectives and show them they have a chance.

He disclosed that most people had warned him as a child that by turning 18, he would be dead or imprisoned. He has friends who didn’t live to be eighteen. 

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He now has homeboys who have been incarcerated since they were 16 years old. Marshawn admitted that he wanted to see a change in his neighborhood.

He believed he would have succeeded if he had just one child and tried to help them through life.



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