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Martina Levato Wikipedia And Età (Age): Genitori (Parents) And Figlio (Son)- Acido Attack Coppia (Couple)

Martina Levato wikipedia is one of the most requested pages as people try their best to learn more about the Italian trend online.

As she was convicted of terrible acid attacks, people requested Martina Levato wikipedia to learn more about her.

The Italian media have recognized Martina, and worldwide coverage of her story has also been done. She was part of a couple responsible for a dangerous acid attack called “Acid Couple.”

The events in question occurred in 2014, when Martina Levato and her boyfriend, Alexander Boettcher, infamously referred to as the “acid couple,” carried out a series of ambushes using acid against Levato’s ex-boyfriends and acquaintances.

They intended to “purify” Levato from her past relationships. Unfortunately, their actions resulted in severe physical and psychological harm to their victims.

Among the victims were Pietro Barbini, a former schoolmate, and Stefano Savi, a young man who was mistaken for someone else and scarred for life due to the attack.

The couple also attempted to ambush photographer Giuliano Carparelli, although their attempt was unsuccessful. It is essential to note the severity of the crimes committed by Levato and Boettcher.

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Martina Levato Wikipedia And Età (Age)

While individuals try their best to learn more about the Italian trend online, Martina Levato wikipedia is one of the most frequently accessed pages.

Many have asked Martina Levato wikipedia to learn more about her since she was found guilty of horrible acid attacks.

As of 2024, Martina is 32 years old.

Despite her infamous name, she has yet to have a Wikipedia page documenting her crimes. But many Italian and English websites have explained the nature of her wrongdoings.

Martina was arrested for her crimes. (Source milano.repubblica)

Martina Levato, who was found guilty of attacking three individuals in Milan with acid and sentenced to 19 and a half years in prison, has been denied permission to leave to perform in the show “Decameron delle donne” at the Teatro Piccolo in Milan.

The rejection came from the Cassation, which upheld the decision of the Surveillance Court of Milan from January of last year. Levato’s lawyers had attempted to appeal the decision but were unsuccessful in obtaining a permit for her to leave prison.

The decision means that Levato will remain behind bars and will not be able to pursue her passion for acting, at least for the time being.

This latest development underscores the severity of her crime and the consequences that come with such heinous acts. While it is undoubtedly unfortunate for Levato, it serves as a reminder that justice must be served and that the victims of her attack deserve to be protected from any further harm.

Martina Levato Acido Attack Coppia (Couple): Genitori (Parents) And Figlio (Son)

According to a court in Italy, a woman and her boyfriend carried out acid attacks on her former partners as they started a new relationship to “cleanse” themselves.

Martina and Alexander Boettcher committed those crimes to “purify” their relationship, where they would go around and find anyone who even flirted with Levato and spray acid on them. 
Martina and Alexander Boettcher
Martina and Alexander Boettcher were known as the “Acid Couple.” (Source: Milano.Corriere)
Many have even deemed the couple as even more dangerous than the mafia. 
Martina was pregnant when she was in jail, and right after she gave birth to her son, he was taken away from her. Her baby boy was born on August 15, 2013.
Many have been saying that separating a son right after birth was too harsh. 
Even Martina complained about the harsh treatment she suffered. 
Talking about the family of Levato, there is little to no known about them. She became public attention after documenting her horrific crimes for people to witness. 
Nevertheless, Matina’s parents were frequently mentioned in the news after her son’s birth. They became headlines of many outlets as there was a big drama regarding the newborn custody.  

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