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Mary Kay Holthus Attacked By Delone Redden: Reason And Motive

In a recent shocking incident, a three-time felon attacked Judge Mary Kay Holthus during a sentencing hearing in a Nevada court, sparking widespread interest as people search for details about the incident and the judge.

Judge Mary Kay Holthus currently serves as a judge for the Eighth Judicial District Court in Clark County, Nevada.

She was elected to her position in 2018 and kept it in subsequent elections.

Meanwhile, she holds a B.S. in economics from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a J.D. from Villanova University, Charles Widger School of Law.

Initially, Judge Holthus practiced civil law as an associate at Jones, Jones, Close & Brown.

Later, in 1991, she transitioned to public service, joining the Clark County District Attorney’s Office as a deputy district attorney.

Moving on, Judge Holthus rose to the esteemed position of chief deputy district attorney after her sixteen-year tenure.

As for her personal life, Judge Holthus is married and is a parent to three grown children.

However, the recent chaos in the courtroom, where Deobra Delone Redden attacked Judge Mary Kay Holthus, drew significant attention from netizens worldwide.

Who Is Deobra Delone Redden? Man Who Attacked Mary Kay Holthus

Deobra Delone Redden, also known as Delone Redden, has a criminal record indicating involvement in unlawful activities.

Redden openly admitted to engaging in the act of attempted theft back in 2015, a charge that reflects an incident where he tried to steal.

In 2016, a court determined his guilt in a less severe offense, a misdemeanor charge of battery.

Moving forward, he faced legal consequences after authorities found him guilty of causing significant harm to an individual in 2018, reflecting a severe act of violence resulting in notable injuries to someone.

 Deobra wearing a white dress in the courtroom.
Deobra Redden committed three felonies and faced charges for them. (Source: TMZ.com)

Furthermore, in 2021, the court convicted him of committing domestic violence, signifying his involvement in an incident causing harm within a domestic setting.

Court records also reveal his conviction for property damage in 2023.

Redden’s admission of guilt in November for attempting substantial bodily harm brought him to court recently.

However, he caught himself in another act where Deobra Redden attacked Judge Mary Kay Holthus during the courtroom hearing.

Thus, currently held at the Clark County Detention Center, Redden is facing charges of causing serious harm to a protected person, along with other charges.

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Wednesday Chaos: Assault On Judge Mary Kay Holthus Unfolds

On Wednesday afternoon, a criminal attacked the judge at the Clark County District Court, unfolding a shocking incident.

During the sentencing for attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, Redden’s attorney requested probation.

Judge Holthus responded,

I think it’s time he got a taste of something else.

Afterward, the defendant leaped over the bench, landed on the judge, and caused her chair to topple.

Mary Kay is on the left side, and Deobra is on the right side of the picture.
Deobra attacked Mary Kay Holthus during a court hearing on January 3, 2024.

Although Judge Holthus sustained injuries, she did not go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, in this incident, the attacker, Redden, caused injuries to a marshal, who is now hospitalized in stable condition.

Nevertheless, people praised the heroic acts of the staff, law enforcement, and others who subdued the defendant.

Following the attack, Redden faces new charges, including one count of battery on a protected person, resulting in substantial bodily harm, two counts of battery on a protected person, and an additional count of battery.

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