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Maryam Moshiri Parents And Family: Where Are They From? Meet Sister Nazanine Moshiri

Maryam Moshiri parents and family moved to London, UK in 1978, just before the Iranian revolution.

BBC chief presenter Maryam Moshiri has been making headlines for accidentally giving the middle finger to the camera live on air on Wednesday.

Many individuals posted a video of Moshiri making the gesture on social media, with one video receiving over 700,000 views.

The clip features the BBC presenter at the anchor desk during the broadcast countdown. She gestures quickly before presenting the first headline on former prime minister Boris Johnson.

The presenter later apologized saying it was a “private joke” with the team members.

Following this, Maryam Moshiri has come to the spotlight and there has been much curiosity surrounding her personal life. Today, let’s get to know more about her parents, siblings, and family background.

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Maryam Moshiri Parents Are From Iran

Maryam Moshiri, the esteemed chief presenter for the BBC, was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1977 to her Iranian parents.

Maryam Moshiri Parents
Maryam Moshiri Parents are from Iran. (Image Source: Facebook)

The television personality’s mom and dad, whose names and occupations remain a mystery, were the first to instill in her the values that would guide her future career.

BBC chief presenter Maryam Moshiri was born in 1977 in Tehran, Iran to her parents.

The British Iranian presenter’s family moved to London, UK from Tehran in 1978, just before the Iranian revolution.

According to reports, Maryam Moshiri’s grandparents had resided in London in the 1950s.

Not only that but, Maryam Moshiri’s father was educated at British schools and the intention had always been for the BBC presenter and her siblings to be raised in the UK.

However, the Iranian revolution, a seismic event that shook the world, expedited their plans.

The revolution, which led to significant political and social changes in Iran, meant that Moshiri and her family found themselves in the UK sooner than they had anticipated.

Maryam Moshiri Sister Nazanine Worked At Al Jazeera

Nazanine Moshiri, the elder sister of BBC presenter Maryam Moshiri, has a distinguished career in journalism and research.

She served as a foreign correspondent for Al Jazeera from November 2006 to July 2016, a tenure of nearly a decade.

During this period, Naznine also presented Al Jazeera English from their London base. Not only that, but she also was a familiar face on ITV’s morning news.

Currently 48 years old, Nazanine has transitioned from journalism to a role that leverages her extensive experience and knowledge.

Maryam Moshiri Parents
Maryam Moshiri’s elder sister, Nazanine Moshiri, has an impressive career background. (Image Source: The Sun)

As per her LinkedIn profile, the former Al-Jazeera presenter is a Senior Analyst for Climate, Environment & Conflict, and Africa at the International Crisis Group.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, she has been in this role since February 2022. Her work involves conducting field research.

The senior analyst also provides analysis through reports and media contributions, offering fact-based insights to decision-makers on how to best respond to environmental risks.

Nazanine Moshiri Educational Background

Nazanine Moshiri’s educational background is as impressive as her professional journey.

Maryam’s elder sister earned her bachelor’s degree in Modern European Studies from University College London in 1997.

Following this, Nazanine pursued a postgraduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Westminster in 1998.

Her thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there. Between 2013 and 2016, while still presenting at Al Jazeera, she studied for a master’s degree in Security Studies at the University of Leicester.

Most recently, in June 2023, she added another feather to her cap by earning a postgraduate diploma in International Conflict Resolution Law from the University of London.

This diverse and rich educational background, coupled with her extensive professional experience, makes Nazanine Moshiri a respected figure in her field.

Her journey is a testament to her dedication and commitment to her work.

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