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Matan Even Wikipedia, Nationality, Age: Meet The Twitch Streamer

A particular face currently dominates social media platforms, sparking curiosity about the young Twitch streamer. People have actively searched for the Wikipedia page of Matan Even.

Matan Even, known as The Bill Clinton Kid, is an American Internet personality, YouTuber, and TikTok star celebrated for trolling other influencers.

Similarly, he has garnered fame for his sharp-witted replies and incisive questions directed at various celebrities during podcasts. His rise to prominence began in 2022.

Additionally, going beyond viral crashing videos on social media, he has expanded his content by uploading longer videos to his YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Matan Even is also a prominent Twitch streamer, content creator, social media influencer, and public figure.

As a master troll and troublemaker, Matan Even has achieved widespread recognition across the online sphere.

This has led to a demand for a dedicated Wikipedia page for Matan Even.

Matan Even Wikipedia: Age And Early Life Detail

Matan Even is recognized as an emerging young personality on social media.

He is one of the creators contributing to the internet’s takeover by the younger generation.

However, despite the widespread search for a dedicated Wikipedia page about Matan Even, one does not exist, leaving many of his admirers disappointed.

Also, the absence of a Wikipedia page means a lack of accessible information about this rising internet celebrity.

But we have got you covered.

The youtubers young age photo smiling
Matan was in 7th grade when he gained international attention (Source: YouTube)

Born on April 23, 2007, in Los Angeles, California, United States, Matan Even is 17 years old as of 2023. Likewise, he holds American nationality.

Also, reports indicate that Matan’s father is Jewish, while his mother has Asian roots, resulting in his mixed ethnicity.

Nevertheless, despite his family’s Jewish background, he professes a belief in the Christian religion.

Moreover, Matan maintains a secretive stance on his personal life, as he has not disclosed the identities of his father, mother, and brothers in the media.

Likewise, while details about his educational background remain unknown, he tweeted that he opted to drop out of school.

Matan with American flag as background
Matan Even tweeted about deciding to start his news publication. (Source: Twitter)

As for his streaming, Matan frequently shares videos on his Instagram account, capturing his daily life.

Further, he has earned the nickname Bill Clinton Kid, a testament to his rising popularity at a young age.

Thus, the question of how he achieved such fame at a young age has prompted many to search for the Wikipedia page of Matan Even.

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Matan Even Career And Net Worth

Matan Even gained prominence after being featured on television during a basketball game.

There, he garnered attention for donning a t-shirt that conveyed the message, “Fight for Freedom, Stand Up for Hong Kong.”

Even though the video of this incident went viral on multiple social media platforms, it wasn’t how he started his career.

On November 20, 2019, Matan initiated his own YouTube channel.

By December 5 of the same year, he released a video – an interview with InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer discussing the 2019 Hong Kong protests.

Matan carrying silver play button
Matan has posted 262 videos on his channel. (Source: Twitter)

Over three years, the interview accumulated more than 97,000 views. Also, Matan’s YouTube channel currently boasts over 658K subscribers.

Furthermore, his Twitter account boasts over 220K followers.

Moving on, Matan commands a following of over 1 million in TikTok, with 23 million likes.

Simultaneously, his Twitch channel, where he streams gameplay videos, has garnered 23,000 followers.

Matan enjoys streaming gameplay videos featuring titles like Minecraft, Elden Ring, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Among Us.

On Twitch, he intertwines his gameplay with discussions on American politics.

Additionally, venturing into social media just last year, Matan initiated his presence by sharing short video snippets on TikTok. 

Matan wearing blue shirt speaking in mic
Matan is currently making a few hundred dollars per month in ad revenue. (Source: Reddit)

As for his worth, Matan Even’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000.

Moreover, he faces challenges in establishing a robust income stream despite amassing millions of followers on social media.

While his videos regularly achieve viral status, their brevity limits his ability to generate substantial income.

Nonetheless, that does not diminish the effort that Matan Even puts in front of his viewers, which is why they are searching for his Wikipedia.

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